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Fluid video with HD resolution


The Niceboy STREAM is an affordable web camera for streaming and making video calls in HD, 1280 x 720 resolution. You can easily attach the web camera to your monitor or table using its clips. Everything you need for clear video recording and great audio can be found in the Niceboy STREAM web camera. Read more

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Complete installation within a few seconds

The basis of the Niceboy STREAM web camera is its easy usability. All you need to do is simply clip it onto your monitor or place it on any flat surface. Plus, the web camera comes with a Plug & Play feature, meaning you just need to plug it in, and no further installation is necessary. The camera is immediately ready for use.

Fluid video with HD resolution

The Niceboy STREAM is a practical web camera with HD resolution. You will find a quality HD CMOS sensor in the camera, which captures every detail in clear, natural colours. Quick video transmission is then provided by the lightning-fast 30 frames per second.

Microphone built right into the camera

The integrated microphone with advanced noise cancellation ensures clearness and clarity of audio. You won’t need any additional external devices for trouble-free online communication. The web camera is compatible with a USB 2.0 interface.

Flexibilita s dotykovým displejem a dálkovým ovládáním

VEGA X je vybavena dvoupalcovým dotykovým displejem, které dělá z ovládání kamery intuitivní záležitost. Součástí balení je i dálkové ovládání. Manipulace s kamerou je extrémně jednoduchá. Při natáčení s VEGA X budete vždy pohotoví a neztratíte čas pro natočení silných momentů.

Clear picture and wide field of vision

With the Niceboy STREAM you can be sure of the quality of your captured picture. With a generous 90° field of view, the camera is able to record a truly surprisingly large area of space. At the same time, it has a great aperture of f/2.2, which translates to better picture and less disturbing noises for you.

Bohaté příslušenství v balení

V balení najdete všechno potřebné vybavení, díky kterému můžete ihned začít natáčet v nejrůznějších podmínkách. Vodotěsný obal pro natáčení pod vodou až do 30 metrů, úchyty k obalu a na řidítka, držáky, jistící lanka nebo třeba popruhy. Tohle příslušenství jednoduše dokupovat nemusíte.


Resolution: 1280 x 720 30 FPS
Video format: AVI
Lens: FOV 90°; aperture f/2.2
Microphone: yes (with sound cancellation)
Supported systems: Windows 7, 8, 10 / MAC OS
Interface: USB 2.0
Package contents:
  • Niceboy STREAM web camera
  • USB and 3.5 mm jack cable
  • Instructions for Use


The OFFICE M30 BT mouse by Niceboy offers a reliable wireless Plug & Play connection, quiet button presses, and an ergonomic design. The mouse can be connected to up to two devices at the same time – either via Bluetooth or a mini-USB dongle.

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19 €

The newest piece of hardware in the computer accessory segment is the Niceboy OFFICE M20 wireless mouse with silent use. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it fits quite comfortably in the hand, making it perfect for long stints spent on the computer. It’s also quick and easy to connect, and includes six buttons to satisfy even the most demanding of users.

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13 €


The Niceboy M10 is a wireless mouse with both compact dimensions and an ergonomic design. It uses the included wireless USB receiver to communicate with your computer. All movements are recorded by fast and precise optic technologies. You only need one AA battery to power the mouse. Given its shape, the Niceboy M10 mouse is designed for right-handed people.

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10 €

The Niceboy VOICE Call BT is the combination of two products in one: a microphone for conference calls and a speaker for listening to music. Reliable transmission is ensured by the Bluetooth 5.0 technology. You can also connect your device to the microphone using the 3.5 mm AUX cord. Problem-free conference calls with the Niceboy VOICE Call BT come guaranteed thanks to the high-quality, omnidirectional microphone, which records every sound within a 5-metre vicinity.

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50 €