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The ergonomic mouse for your health and comfort

OFFICE M40 Vertical

The Niceboy OFFICE M40 Vertical work mouse with its advanced vertical design provides relief and even protects your wrist against pain and overuse. The OFFICE M40 Vertical offers a reliable wireless connection via its USB dongle with a 10-metre range, and thanks to the precise optical sensor and six buttons, it’s a joy to use. Read more

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Ergonomic, vertical design for your health

If you spend multiple hours a day working on a computer, using a common mouse for long periods of time could lead to pain and health problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Avoid this by using the right mouse at work. The ergonomic, vertical design of the Niceboy OFFICE M40 Vertical mouse keeps your hand in a natural position, thus alleviating your joints and tendons. Its pleasant-to-the-touch, anti-slip surface then serves to support a comfortable grip.

A comfortable wireless connection that you can rely on

Anyone who prefers wireless mice for their freedom of movement will surely appreciate this comfortable and undeniably reliable connection method. Simply plug the mini-USB dongle (included in the package) into your PC, and you’re good to go. The mouse has a wireless range of up to 10 metres. And anytime you’re planning on travelling with the mouse, all you need to do is remove the dongle from the USB port and store it away right in the body of the mouse.

A precise and economical work mouse

Thanks to the quality optical sensor, the mouse provides high precision that you can rely on. To set the optimal sensitivity, you can choose between three levels: 800/1200/1600/ DPI. The mouse also includes six buttons for comfortable use, including a scroll wheel and buttons to switch between sensitivities. You can then use the side buttons to quickly scroll through websites. And to ensure the mouse saves its battery life, it automatically goes into battery-save mode after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Designed for right-handers

The Niceboy OFFICE M40 Vertical mouse is designed for right-handers.

Only two AAA batteries needed

All you need to use the Niceboy M40 Vertical mouse is 2x AAA batteries, which come included in the package.

6 total buttons

Including the side buttons and the scroll wheel, the mouse’s six buttons are enough to satisfy even more demanding users.


Voltage: DC 3 V ±5 G, current: ≤ 25 mA
Power: 2x AAA batteries, 1.5 V
Sensor: optical
Max DPI: 1600
DPI MODE: 800/1200/1600
Number of buttons: 6
Connection: USB dongle (2.4 GHz)
Frequency band: 2.4 GHz
Radiofrequency performance: ≤ 75 mW
OS requirements: Win, Mac
Dimensions: 115 * 82 * 75mm
Weight: 90 g
Package contents:
  • Niceboy OFFICE M40 Vertical mouse
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • Instructions for Use
  • Wireless USB dongle


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