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Do you like deep tones that you can feel all the way in your bones? Then you’re going to love the set of gaming stereo speakers with a subwoofer known as the ORYX VOX 2.1 Maxx Bass from Niceboy. With their 25W of power, the speakers produce strong and clear audio that can be easily plugged into most devices thanks to the 3.5 mm jack. Read more

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Imposing sound for a better gaming or film experience

The Niceboy ORYX VOX 2.1 Maxx Bass and their total of 25W of power bring an even more intense gaming or film experience. The set of stereo speakers with a subwoofer can transmit truly everything in frequencies ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz, and you can also look forward to the incredibly broad spectrum of sounds with the clear and uninterrupted transmission.

Easily connect every device with a 3.5 mm jack

Thanks to the quick and easy Plug & Play function, you can instantly connect the ORYX VOX 2.1 set of speakers not only to your computer or laptop but also to any gaming consoles. It’s simple, all you need to do is connect the satellite speakers to the subwoofer and then plug it into your device using the 3.5 mm connector on the included audio cable.

Dedicated subwoofer for extra bass

The more distinct bass opens new audio dimensions that both add power and audio fullness. The standalone subwoofer, with an opening on its front side and converter with a 4-inch diameter, turns what you’re listening to into an even more intense experience that you can literally feel on your own skin.

2.1 configuration

The 2.1 set of speakers introduces two satellite speakers and a standalone subwoofer.

Easy USB charging

Charge the speakers using the USB connector in your computer; the speakers don’t require their own electrical outlet.

Minimalistic design

With its simple design and dominant deep tones, the set of speakers is a welcome addition to modern interiors.

Intuitive and easily accessible control elements

You’re sure to appreciate the Niceboy ORYX VOX 2.1 Maxx Bass and their simple controls. Take control of all the volume or bass levels at once with the easily accessible control elements located right on the side of the subwoofer.


Output power: 25 RMS
Input power: DC5V/1A
Speaker unit: 4 + 2.5 x 2
Electrical impedance: 4 Ω
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity: >60 dB
Cord length: 1.2 m
Speaker dimensions: 75 x 168 x 78 mm
Subwoofer dimensions: 230 x 173 x 140 mm
Weight: 1,300 g
Package contents:
  • Niceboy ORYX VOX 2.1 MAXX BASS speakers
  • Manual
  • Audio cable
  • Charging via USB cable


Do you want to enjoy your game, a film, or music on your PC to the fullest? Connect the ORYX VOX 2.0 set of compact stereo speakers from Niceboy, turn the volume all the way to the right, and start having fun! With their 12W of power, easy controls, and effective, colourful backlighting, you’ll never be bored again.

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The Niceboy OFFICE M40 Vertical work mouse with its advanced vertical design provides relief and even protects your wrist against pain and overuse. The OFFICE M40 Vertical offers a reliable wireless connection via its USB dongle with a 10-metre range, and thanks to the precise optical sensor and six buttons, it’s a joy to use.

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The highest model from the Niceboy ORYX X600 headphone line adds to your gaming or movie watching experience thanks to its supremely excellent spacious 7.1 sound. The headphones’ massive and crystal-clear sound is made by the 50 mm big converters. The Niceboy ORYX X600 headphones simply pull you into the game.

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With the gaming controller ORYX GamePad by Niceboy, you receive vast compatibility; use it to play on PC, gaming consoles, and even mobile phones. Use the wireless USB dongle, Bluetooth, or the included cable to connect to your gaming device. The gaming controller offers simple and fast installation as well as long battery life. For comfortable mobile gaming, a clever smartphone holder comes included for your mobile.

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