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The Robotic Mop Vacuum Cleaner

ION Charles i3 Plus White

Niceboy ION Charles i3 Plus is a robotic vacuum cleaner that can not only vacuum, but also mop for perfectly clean floors. With Hurricane PRO technology with a high suction power of 2300 Pa, it easily removes dirt from all types of floors. Gyroscopic navigation ensures efficient cleaning and route planning. Anti-collision sensors with Red SENSE technology ensure safe operation, and the MAX Clean filtration system safely captures dirt, including allergens, dust and bacteria, with an incredible 99.97% efficiency. Read more


ION Charles i3 Plus White ION Charles i3 Plus Black

The Robotic Mop Vacuum Cleaner not only vacuums the floor perfectly, but also mops it

The Niceboy ION Charles i3 Plus robotic vacuum cleaner offers a unique combination of vacuuming and mopping. It not only removes dust and dirt from floors but also mops them straight away. This makes the Niceboy ION Charles i3 Plus an efficient and time-saving solution for keeping your home spotlessly clean. With a large dual 400ml container for dust dirt and 200ml for water, it can completely clean even large areas without any assistance from you.

Advanced Hurricane PRO technology and high suction power for thorough and efficient vacuuming

The Niceboy ION Charles i3 Plus robotic vacuum cleaner boasts high suction power and a motor with innovative Hurricane PRO technology. With an impressive suction power of 2300 Pa, the Charles i3 Plus is able to effectively remove all sizes and types of dirt from floors, whether it's fine dust, hair or larger particles. The Hurricane PRO technology creates a powerful and efficient airflow that sucks dirt from the floor surface while ensuring it doesn't float through the air and redeposit on the floor. Thanks to this advanced technology, the vacuum is able to clean floors effectively and leave them sparkling clean and dust-free.

Filter with 99.97% efficiency

The HEPA filter of maximum class H13 features the highest possible filtration efficiency (99.97% of all particles down to 0.06 micrometers).

A range of accessories in the package

Everything you need for convenient operation can be found in one package. In the equipment pack, you will find spare spin brushes, HEPA filter, or cleaning brush, etc.

Up to 110 minutes battery life

The vacuum cleaner saves you dozens of minutes of work per day. On a single charge, it can do up to 110 minutes of vacuuming.

With the intelligent navigation system NaviGATE effectively covers 100% of the vacuumed area

The intelligent gyroscopic navigation system NaviGATE allows the Niceboy ION Charles i3 Plus to cover 100% of the vacuumed area while efficiently planning the route, reducing the time needed to completely clean the entire area. The vacuum cleaner avoids obstacles such as furniture or cables and can return to the charging station, recharge when needed, and resume cleaning where it left off. And with the Niceboy ION mobile app, it's even easier. You simply set your cleaning time, and the vacuum cleaner takes care of itself for a smooth run and, most importantly, a perfect result. With the Niceboy ION Charles i3 Plus, you can put cleaning out of your mind.

Voice control with Google Assistant

Control not only with the mobile app. With built-in Google Assistant voice support, all it takes is a few words to perfect your cleaning.

Low profile 8.1 cm

Slim design allows the vacuum cleaner to clean even in otherwise hard-to-reach places such as the spaces under the sofa, bed, or wardrobe.

Barriers up to 1.5 cm

Not even transition rails can stop the vacuum cleaner on its way to a perfectly clean floor, it can overcome any obstacle up to 1.5 cm.

Intelligent sensors with Red SENSE technology avoid furniture and falls

Advanced anti-collision sensors with innovative Red SENSE technology ensure safe and reliable operation of the Niceboy ION Charles i3 Plus robotic vacuum cleaner. These sensors enable the vacuum cleaner to detect obstacles in the surrounding environment and prevent falls and collisions. This not only protects your expensive furniture and the vacuum cleaner itself from damage but also contributes to smooth and quiet operation without bumps and falls. With anti-collision sensors and Red SENSE technology, you can rest assured that your Niceboy ION Charles i3 Plus will operate safely and efficiently without requiring your constant attention.

With the Niceboy ION mobile app, you can easily manage cleaning from your mobile phone

The Niceboy ION mobile app brings users many benefits and improvements that allow them to make full use of their Niceboy ION Charles i3 Plus robotic vacuum cleaner. With this app, users can control the vacuum cleaner from the comfort of their smartphone, meaning they can schedule cleaning, adjust cleaning modes, and even monitor cleaning progress in real time, from anywhere. The app also allows for firmware updates, meaning the vacuum can be constantly upgraded and updated, increasing its longevity and efficiency. Plus, you can keep an eye on all your ION smart appliances from the Niceboy ION app. Plus, the app is available in multiple languages, including Czech and Slovak, so you're sure to get along perfectly.

Low noise level 65 dB

With an efficient, low-noise motor, cleaning will no longer interfere with home comfort.

Incredibly easy to maintain

No need for replacement bags. Simply remove and empty the dual canister, and simply wash the HEPA filter under running water.

Practical dual container

The robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dual tank for water (200 ml capacity) and dust (400 ml capacity), so you can vacuum and mop at the same time.

No need to keep an eye on the battery, the vacuum cleaner will recharge itself

The high-capacity battery of the Niceboy ION Charles i3 Plus robotic vacuum cleaner offers enough power for up to 110 minutes of cleaning on a single charge. But you don't have to keep an eye on the vacuum's battery status. In the event of low battery capacity, the vacuum cleaner will interrupt cleaning and come to the docking station to recharge. Once charged, it returns and resumes cleaning exactly where it left off. And when it has finished cleaning, it automatically returns to the charging station.

Not only impeccably clean floors, but also healthier air thanks to the MAX Clean filtration system

With the comprehensive MAX Clean system for air purification and dirt trapping, the Niceboy ION Charles i3 Plus is ideal for households with pets or allergy sufferers. The MAX Clean filtration system includes a pre-filter that captures larger dirt and hair, and a dust container that prevents dust from escaping from the vacuum cleaner. But the MAX Clean system ensures not only the cleanliness of your home but also the quality of the air you breathe. That's because the filtration system is equipped with a HEPA H13 filter, the highest level of protection. MAX Clean thus captures even microscopic particles, including allergens, dust, and bacteria, with an incredible 99.97% efficiency. This means that even the air the vacuum cleaner expels back into the room is clean and safe for your health.

Special cleaning modes for automatic solutions to the most common situations

The ION Charles i3 Plus vacuum cleaner offers special cleaning modes to meet specific cleaning requirements. In automatic mode, there are versatile programs for comprehensive room cleaning. Fixed point cleaning is again designed for thorough cleaning of one spot, and edge cleaning mode is a specialized program for detailed cleaning along walls and furniture edges.


Dimensions: L310*W310*H 81 mm
Voltage: DC 7.4V
Suction power: 2 300 Pa
Battery capacity: DC 7.4V Li-ion 2,600mAh
Volume of dual container - dust: 400 ml
Dual container volume - water: 200 ml
Cleaning time: up to 110 min
Charging time: 300 min
Nominal docking station voltage range: 220-240 V
Rated frequency: 50-60 Hz
Rated docking station input voltage: 12 V / 1 A
Docking station output voltage: 12 V / 1 A
Package contents:
  • Niceboy ION Charles i3 Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Charging base
  • 4x side bristles
  • Power adapter
  • Instructions for use
  • HEPAfilter
  • Dual container
  • Mopping cloth and Velcro straps
  • Cleaning brush


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The Niceboy ION Charles i4 robotic vacuum not only vacuums flawlessly thanks to its Hurricane PRO system but also mops thanks to its mopping function. With the mobile Niceboy ION application, you can take care of the cleaning in sectors, all from your mobile telephone. The vacuum utilises the navigational system NaviGATE for 100% floor coverage and Red SENSE technology to avoid collisions with your furniture or falling down the stairs. The battery capacity lasts 100 minutes off a single charge, and the robot itself will return to its charging station before its battery dies.

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