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Ideal care for your hair

ION AirSonic POP rose

The Niceboy ION AirSonic POP hair dryer offers exceptional hair care. With a powerful motor, temperature and air speed control, long cord and safety lock, it is ideal for easy hair drying and styling. Plus, it has a pleasing minimalist design in four colours and a lightweight construction for comfortable use. And it fits easily in your suitcase for travel. Read more


ION AirSonic POP onyx ION AirSonic POP white ION AirSonic POP skyblue ION AirSonic POP rose

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Ideal care for your hair

Give your hair exceptional care with the Niceboy ION AirSonic POP hair dryer. The hairdryer features a powerful, long-lasting motor with 1400W of power to ensure optimal airflow. Styling your hair is easy and the result is beautifully shiny and soft hair.

Temperature and airflow under control

The Niceboy ION AirSonic POP hairdryer gives you a wide range of control over both temperature and airflow. You have a choice of two airflow speeds and temperatures. Use the high setting for drying your hair and the low setting for styling.

Long power cord

The hairdryer provides plenty of freedom of movement thanks to the 1.7 metre long cord.

Overheat safety lock

The fuse protects the hairdryer from damage. If overheating is imminent, the hairdryer will switch off as a precaution until the temperature drops to a safe level.

Low noise level

With an efficient, low-noise motor, blow-drying your hair will no longer interfere with home comfort.

For your maximum comfort and safety

The Niceboy ION AirSonic POP hairdryer will win you over at first sight with its minimalist design and elegant design. The special lightweight design with touch-friendly material prevents hand fatigue when styling your hair. In addition, the hair dryer is equipped with a special safety lock, preventing the hair dryer from overheating and damaging your hair. And thanks to its size and light weight, you can take it on the go.


Power: 1400 W
Voltage: 220-240 V /50-60 Hz
Appliance protection class: II.
Power consumption in off state: 0.00 W
Package contents:
  • Niceboy ION AirSonic POP hair dryer
  • Operating Instructions


The high-frequency toothbrush Niceboy ION Sonic utilises as many as 40,000 oscillations per minute to effectively care for your pearly-white smile. And because everyone has slightly different teeth and cleaning requirements, Sonic offers multiple cleaning modes. Sonic just needs 2 minutes, or 30 seconds per row, to flawlessly clean your teeth. The vibrations will alert you when it’s time to switch to the next row, meaning there’s no need to monitor anything; the toothbrush takes care of everything for you. The Niceboy ION Sonic lasts up to an amazing 40 days off of a single charge.

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Discover amazing styling with the Niceboy ION AirSonic PRO hairdryer with ionisation function! With a concentrator and diffuser in the package, you can choose how you want to dry and style your hair. The ionisation function will ensure your hair is shiny and smooth, leaving it looking healthy and beautiful. Get the perfect hairstyle quickly and easily.

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38 €

With a high vibration frequency of 60,000 vibrations per minute, the Niceboy ION Sonic Lite sonic toothbrush takes care of your bright white smile. Special cleaning modes allow you to choose the ideal setting, whether you need care for sensitive gums or to whiten your teeth. The ION Sonic Lite toothbrush will take just 2 minutes, or 30 seconds per arch, to clean your teeth perfectly. It will always alert you to the change with a vibration, so there's no need to keep an eye on things - the toothbrush does it for you. On a single charge, the toothbrush lasts up to a whopping 40 days.

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23 €

Thanks to its timeless style, the smart electric kettle Niceboy ION SmartKettle with its white, stainless design looks good in both classic kitchens and modern interiors. It has 5 temperature modes, meaning it can heat up water to 5 different temperatures or boil water while then keeping it at the desired temperature for up to 6 hours. Its 1850 W of power allows as much as 1.7 litres of water to be heated up at once. And thanks to its mobile application, the kettle can be controlled from far away or set up to boil water whenever you need it.

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65 €