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The peak audio experience with the ORYX X700 Legend gaming headphones by Niceboy. Enjoy the spatial virtual 7.1 audio that you can fully adjust to fit your needs with ORYX software. The headphones can be connected via USB or the 3.5 mm jack. They’re also compatible with both PCs and gaming consoles. Unbelievably comfortable, yet hardy, headphones with long battery life. The removable microphone adds to their comfort and usability, as you can simply unfasten it from the headphones.

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65.00 €

With the Niceboy ORYX X310 Ghost Console gaming headphones, you’ll experience absolute freedom. Gamers are sure to appreciate their unlimited use across all gaming platforms, thanks to the cord connector being a 3.5 mm jack. The flexible microphone with directional audio pickup can be precisely set to meet your needs. Plus, the finely-tuned audio, heavy-duty construction, and comfortable headphone pads make the ORYX X310 Ghost Console the ideal universal headphones for gaming sessions of any kind.

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27.00 €

The PC gaming headphones Niceboy ORYX X500 Shadow will grab hold of your interest with their clever design and cool backlighting. They offer 7.1 virtual surround sound, easy-to-use controls right on the headphone cord, and soft, comfortable ear cushions that dampen outside sounds and make wearing them for an all-night game session better than ever. Thanks to their duralumin build, the headband is lightweight, yet heavy-duty, and the braided cord ends with a USB-A connector. The ORYX X500 Shadow gaming headphones aren’t just for fun, they’re comfortable too.

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46.00 €

Enjoy playing both solo and co-op games with the ORYX X210 Donuts. They provide crystal-clear audio, both in terms of bass and highs. They perfectly isolate any outside noises, and thanks to their ergonomic design they sit perfectly on your head. They also come with stylized lighting and a 3.5 mm jack, which you can use to connect to your computer, gaming console or mobile phone. You’ll also be happy to know the headphones come with a flexible microphone.

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23.00 €

Immerse yourself in the virtually spacious 7.1 audio provided by the ORYX X410 Epic headphones! They come equipped with a removable microphone, LED lighting and practical volume, microphone and track playback controls and cord backlighting. Thanks to the soft headphone pads, well-designed pressure points and light, adjustable headband made of Duralumin, your gaming session won’t only be thrilling, but also comfortable.

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38.00 €

The Niceboy brand has now come out with its own line of gaming headphones, mice, keyboards, and other equipment for gamers. The main characteristic of the Niceboy ORYX X300 headphones is their 7.1 surround sound. For maximum comfort, the headphones then come equipped with ergonomically shaped, closed headphone pads, an adjustable headband, and a flexible microphone.

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31.00 €

Sound this perfect coming from the headphones for such a low price is going to take your breath away. The acoustics of the Niceboy ORYX X200 headphones comes from its quality components and especially its 40 mm big converter. The ergonomic shape of the closed headphone pads will perfectly isolate you from the hustle and bustle of the world around you meaning you will be able to completely focus on your game.

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26.99 €

The highest model from the Niceboy ORYX X600 headphone line adds to your gaming or movie watching experience thanks to its supremely excellent spacious 7.1 sound. The headphones’ massive and crystal-clear sound is made by the 50 mm big converters. The Niceboy ORYX X600 headphones simply pull you into the game.

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54.00 €