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The watch that watches over your children


With the children’s watch Niceboy Watch KIDS PATROL, you’ll know where your child is right now. The watch is connected to your phone via the mobile app, which you can use to communicate with your child, receive notifications, and adjust the settings. You can see your kid’s current position in the app as well as their movement history, and it’s here that you can set the different safety zones for them to use. Thanks to the SIM card and 4G connection, you can call your child and send them voice messages on the watch. With this watch, children can start learning how to be independent, without their parents needing to worry about them. Read more



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With this smart GPS watch, your child won’t get lost

Give your child the Niceboy Watch KIDS PATROL smartwatch with an integrated GPS module and never worry about their safety again. In the smart mobile app, you’ll always be able to see where your child is at that very moment. Apart from seeing their current position, the app also displays their movement history; you’ll see everywhere your kid has been that day. You can rely on the 100% precise localisation, as GPS is used to determine their position, as well as nearby Wi-Fi networks and transmitters in places with a weak signal. The app uses the popular Google Maps to legibly display their location.

SOS button for emergencies

In case of emergencies, the Niceboy Watch KIDS PATROL comes equipped with a clever safety feature in the form of an SOS button. If your child were to find themself in trouble and needing your help, they could send an SOS notification to your phone by simply pushing the button on the watch. In addition, the watch also has a microphone that records a 30-second audio record that will be sent to your mobile phone, alongside your child’s current location.

Calls and video calls right from the watch

Using the Niceboy Watch KIDS PATROL, you can call your child and even send them voice messages, just like you would be able to do with a mobile phone. Because the watch features a camera, you can even make video calls. And, thanks to the 4G network support, you can rely on the calls being stable and high-quality. For calls, the watch uses an interchangeable SIM card – included in the packaging – which means the watch is ready to be used the moment you open it. Using the mobile app, you can set the allowed contacts and even turn on quiet mode for when your child is in school or participating in after-school activities.

Quick overview and settings in the mobile app

Calls and voice messages, location monitoring, and adjustable settings are all available from afar; you can easily control everything you need on the watch by using the Leefine app on your mobile phone (available for Android and iOS). The watch is also accessible in many languages (including Czech and Slovak) and the interface is simple. The user experience is pleasant for absolutely everyone. Plus, you can add multiple users to the app, meaning your child can be in contact with every member of the family.

SIM card included

A T-Mobile SIM card comes included in the packaging with CZK 10 of credit and 200 MB of data (the SIM card can be exchanged for a card from a different operator).

Watertight design

The watch can withstand even the most demanding conditions; thanks to the IP67 degree of coverage, the watch is resistant to water and dust penetration.

Up to 3 days of battery life

The watch’s rechargeable battery provides up to three days of use, depending on how much you use the GPS.

Connect with Wi-Fi

The watch can connect to the internet using Wi-Fi.

Colourful touch screen

The easily legible, 1.44” IPS touch display offers comfortable controls and makes video calls possible.

Two different coloured options

The children’s watch Niceboy Watch KIDS PATROL comes in two colour options: purple and blue.

Your child won’t lose their way thanks to the safety zones

Would you like to automatically receive information about your child’s movement between regularly programmable locations, such as your child arriving home safe from school? Set these types of places in the mobile app as so-called “safe zones” (e.g., home, school, etc.), and receive a notification on your phone once they enter or exit one of these zones.

A smartwatch your kid will love

The Niceboy Watch KIDS PATROL watches over your child but also offers them plenty of entertainment. With the integrated camera, they can take fun photos and share them with you in the app. You’ll also find a number of colourful watch faces available, meaning your kid can choose the one they like most. Sports lovers can then use the watch to count their steps. And to help your child become even more independent, they can set an alarm on the watch, whether at the time they need to wake up for school in the morning or to take the dog out for a walk, for example.


Display: 1.44“ IPS 240x240
Camera: 0.3MPx
Position localisation: GPS + Wi-Fi + LBS
Wi-Fi: 2.4 – 2.5 GHz
BT: 2.4GHz
Radio frequency performance: ≤2.5mW
Battery: Polymer lithium 600 mAh battery
Battery life: 1-3 days (depending on GPS usage)
Certification: IP67
Dimensions: 43x55x15.6 mm
Weight: 50 g
Package contents:
  • Niceboy Watch KIDS PATROL watch
  • Screwdriver
  • Charging adapter
  • T-Mobile SIM card
  • Instructions manual


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