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The new Niceboy VEGA X 8K action camera comes with a resolution of up to 8K while offering 4K at 60 frames per second in native resolution. Not only can you use it when cycling or snowboarding, but you can also take it underwater; the camera is watertight for up to 12 metres even without its case. And you’ll also find an array of creative modes, first-class components, and technology included in the camera for the perfect picture and stereo-quality audio. Read more

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Up to 8K resolution, native 4K 60 fps

The implementation of top-class hardware – a SONY IMX 377 sensor and Ambarella H22 processor – enables the Niceboy VEGA X 8K outdoor camera to capture a quality picture in truly high resolutions. Although the camera records in native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, it can also film in 6K (at 30 fps) and even 8K (at 15 fps)!

Watertight up to 12 metres

What kind of action camera would it be if it could only be used in the dry and during good weather? Not only is the Niceboy VEGA X 8K camera unphased by neither light nor heavy rain, but you can even go diving with it up to 12 metres thanks to its fully watertight structure.

Photos with 64 Mpx

This action camera can even take pictures – capture photos in ultra-high resolutions of up to 64 Mpx.

MicroSD card slot

You can use memory cards with as much as 128 GB to store your recordings in the camera.

Accessories included

The basic accessories include attachments to fix the camera to various surfaces, including tripod and helmet attachments.

Five-axis picture stabilisation with X-STEADY 2.0

This action camera is meant for adventure – for journeys that take you over bumps and potholes, meaning you wouldn’t even want to watch your own shaky videos if the camera can’t provide the necessary technology. The improved stabilisation created by X-STEADY 2.0 technology works to highlight your every shot. At the same time, it instantly adjusts the image so that the final recording is smooth, free of judders and flickering.

Two displays – for controls and taking selfies

The Niceboy VEGA X 8K outdoor camera comes equipped with two displays. The rear, two-inch display serves as the camera’s easy-to-use and intuitive touch controls. The front, 1.3” display with colour is perfect for taking selfies as it displays the recorded scene in real time.

Simple connectivity and controls using the app

You can conveniently set and control the camera’s recording and functions in the mobile app, where you can also view your shots right away. You’ll find inputs on the camera for HDMI and USB-C cables, which you can use to connect the camera to an external monitor or computer. Here you can easily manage all the files without even needing to remove the microSD card.

High-quality picture no matter the conditions

The VEGA X 8K action camera records with high picture quality thanks to the utilised technologies and optics. It has an all-glass lens composed of seven lenses with an anti-reflective coating. The wide dynamic range (WDR) technology will help keep the image clear and bright even when shooting in overlit and dark environments, which is also helped by the f/2.5 low-aperture lens.

Creative shots function

Sometimes you want to see an entire day’s ride condensed into just a few minutes. Other times you want to film a dive into water or a jump on a ski slope in slow motion. That’s what the creative modes are for, offering both time-lapse and slow-motion recording, as well as a timer mode and custom exposure times for photography.

Functions and web cameras

You can even connect the action camera to your PC and use it as a web camera.

First-class H.265 video codec

It codes video with the same recording quality but at half the bit rate.

Stereo microphone

The camera is equipped with a stereo microphone for even better video audio.


Chip: Ambarella H22
Sensor: Sony IMX377
Lens: all-glass 7G + anti-reflexive coating, 170°
Aperture: f/2.5
Video resolution: 8K 15fps (interpol.), 6K 30fps (interpol.), 4K 60/30fps, 2.7K 60/30fps, 1440p 60/30fps, 1080p 120/60/30fps, 720p 240/120/60/30fps
Video format: MP4, H.264/H.265
Video bit rate: up to 100Mb/s
Stabilisation: Yes (X-STEADY)
Max. photo resolution: 64 MPx
Photo format: JPG
Display: rear 2” touch LTPS, 1.3” front
Battery: 1050 mAh, Li-Ion, interchangeable
Battery life: up to 80 minutes at 4K 30fps (display and Wi-Fi off, temp. approx. 22°C)
Watertightness: 12 m without case
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz), USB-C, micro-HDMI
Microphone: Yes, stereo
Memory card: microSD, type UHS-II U3, max. 128 GB, supported format FAT32 (memory card not included)
Operational temp.: 0 °C to 55 °C (the battery life decreases along with the temp.)
Dimensions: 61x44x32 mm
Weight: 138 g
Package contents:
  • Niceboy VEGA X 8K camera
  • Battery
  • Open holder to attach other accessories to the camera
  • Set of basic accessories and action camera attachments (including tripod and helmet attachments)
  • Instructions for Use


Niceboy introduces the revolutionary Niceboy PILOT XR Radar with speed camera database, integrated GPS and excellent recording quality with real 2K or Full HD resolution at 60 frames per second. Enjoy truly easy installation with the camera’s magnetic mount and compact size, and everything is controllable in the mobile app using WiFi - all these features make the Niceboy PILOT XR Radar an unrivalled dashcam.

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154 €

The Niceboy PILOT Q9 Radar camera has everything you need – great resolution up to 4K, GPS, a complete database of European radars, and every other function you need for a quality video record in case of an accident. The camera is controllable via a mobile application, it speaks Czech, and can even shoot in direct light and at night.

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138 €

The Niceboy VEGA X PRO action camera stands out as a shining star among its peers. Don’t get blinded by its highest quality available 4K video recording at 60 frames per second and its watertightness up to 12 meters outside of its case. Of course, there’s also the advanced X-STEADY stabilization, the integrated microphone, which records sounds with innate stereo-level quality, and a number of other functions, such as the camera’s Slow Motion mode with a slowdown rate of 8x, the 4K time-lapse feature and Wi-Fi controls.

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154 €

The Niceboy PILOT Q2 WiFi acts as every driver’s witness when things go south. Although the dashcam won’t help you avoid a potential crash, it does create clear evidence that you’re not at blame. No need to fear even when you leave your car behind – thanks to the parking mode, the camera automatically turns on if someone happens to knock your car in the car park.

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46 €