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4K resolution and stereo sound


One of the most affordable web cameras on the market with 4K resolution. It is bound to impress you with its great picture and pure audio, thanks to its stereo microphone. Operating the camera is beyond simple, all you need to do is plug it into your computer and start streaming. Read more

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You’ll be heard by everyone

With this web camera, you won’t need an external microphone, as one has already been built into the camera itself. Actually, it has two built-in microphones, meaning you can truly enjoy stereo-like quality.

Capture every detail

The web camera comes equipped with a high-quality 8.5 Mpx, SONY IMX317 sensor, and CMOS chip, which translates to clear video at the highest true 4K quality. Your stream or video with 4K quality at 60 fps will always be sharp and fluid.

Clear picture and wide field of vision

Thanks to the amazing f/1.8 aperture, the camera is capable of providing a clear picture, even if the lighting conditions aren’t exactly perfect. It also comes with automatic white balancing, making the colours it captures flawlessly reflect the real thing, with zero distortion. When compared with most web cameras on the market, the STREAM ELITE 4K provides a wide shot angle of -110°, meaning you can film a significantly large area.

Use on your desk, monitor... pretty much anywhere

One great advantage of the Niceboy STREAM web camera is its easy usability. It comes equipped with clips, which you can use to easily attach the camera to your monitor or to simply place it on any flat surface – you can set it up in whatever way suits you best. The camera is even fitted with a threaded screw hole meant for attaching the tripod.

Ready to use in an instant

There is no need for you to waste time with difficult settings options. All you need to do is plug the web camera in using the modern USB-C connector and you’re ready to go. Given that the camera is Plug & Play, there is nothing left for you to install after you plug it into your PC.


Maximum video resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160p)
Lens: FOV 110°; aperture f/1.8
Microphone: stereo
White balancing: automatic
Camera port: USB-C
System requirements: Windows 8.1 and newer, MacOS 10.10 and newer, USB 3.0 (for 4K resolution)
Dimensions: 127 x 50 x 54 mm
Weight: 102 g
Package contents:
  • Niceboy STREAM ELITE 4K web camera
  • Integrated table/monitor stand
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • Manual


The Niceboy VOICE Intercom is a headset with a microphone, meant to be used in offices as well as for entertainment at home. You can rely on the amazing audio quality and the truly peaceful while working. The closed headphone pads effectively eliminate ambient noise, thanks to their isolation foam and directional microphone (for making calls). The headphones are both easy to connect and control, and that’s owing to the USB cord with its own control unit.

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Whether you’re streaming, recording podcasts, or filming your own vlogs, you can rely on the Niceboy VOICE microphone. The pure audio of your voice will be transferred flawlessly. The microphone can handle any disturbances coming from undesired directions, thanks to its cardioid directional characteristics and removable pop filter. Connecting and using the microphone is beyond easy, you can place it anywhere you need, using either the tripod or adjustable microphone holder.

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35 €

The Niceboy OFFICE M40 Vertical work mouse with its advanced vertical design provides relief and even protects your wrist against pain and overuse. The OFFICE M40 Vertical offers a reliable wireless connection via its USB dongle with a 10-metre range, and thanks to the precise optical sensor and six buttons, it’s a joy to use.

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Two machines in one body for a good price – both a microphone and a speaker for your conference calls. The Niceboy VOICE Call PRO has also been fitted with external ports meant for connecting headphones and microphones. Using this microphone is beyond simple and intuitive thanks to the Plug&Play technology and controls located right on the microphone.

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