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ION SmartPlug PRO

Take control of your appliances and the expenses that come with running them. The Niceboy ION SmartPlug PRO knows how to measure your energy consumption, meaning you can plan when the plug should turn an appliance on or off so you can save electricity. It features a wireless WIFI connection and is easy to control in the Niceboy ION mobile app, which features a number of languages. Read more

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Turn normal devices into smart devices

As soon as you plug an appliance into the Niceboy ION SmartPlug PRO, it immediately becomes a smart device that you can control from your mobile phone using the Niceboy ION mobile app. That means you can set programmes, for instance, to power on the coffee maker or turn off a lamp in the living room on your way to bed. With the Niceboy ION SmartPlug PRO, you can plug into any E or F outlet type, i.e., the most frequently used outlet types in Europe and the Czech Republic.

Keep an eye on your energy consumption

The plug can measure the consumption of energy that passes through it. This information is then regularly stored in the Niceboy ION app, meaning you can then better schedule when the plug should turn an appliance off to save energy.

Connects to standard E and F outlets

You can plug the outlet into any E or F outlet type, i.e., the most frequently used outlet types in Europe and the Czech Republic.

Voice controls with Google Assistant

The Niceboy ION SmartPlug PRO is compatible with the voice assistant Google Assistant.

Safety components

The outlet is made of a material that reduces fires and protects against electric shock.

Easy controls with the Niceboy ION mobile app

Thanks to the Niceboy ION app, you receive an overview and control over both the SmartPlug PRO and the other members of the smart family of Niceboy ION appliances. The app is simple to use and features various languages, including Czech and Slovak.

Create time schedules for your appliances

Do you leave for work at the same time every day? Then set a time schedule so that the smart outlet turns off the lamp before you go. Create your own original schedules for both weekdays and holidays! Or are no two days in your life the same? Then use the timer to turn off an appliance in half an hour or even half a day later; the choice is yours!

Simple and instant connection

Connected to the Niceboy ION SmartPlug PRO is as easy as it gets. The Niceboy ION mobile app will help you through the entire connection process, where you can then monitor the current status, make settings changes, and even connect the outlet to other smart appliances included in your intelligent scenarios.


Model: SmartPlug Pro
Dimensions: 52x52x77 mm
Input: 220-240V
Rated power: 3680W
Load current: 16A max
Wireless protocol: WIFI IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4G
Frequency: 2412 - 2472 MHz
Maximum transmission power: 14 dBm
Outlet type: French/Type E (CEE 7/6)
Supports Google Assistant: Yes
Supports Amazon Alexa: No
Consumption monitoring: Yes
Package contents:
  • Niceboy ION SmartPlug PRO
  • Instructions for Use


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