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Precise Pixart 3330 sensor

ORYX M666 Daemon

The Niceboy ORYX M666 Daemon well deserves its name. It demonically impresses with its ultra-light design, high-quality Pixart 3330 sensor, 6 buttons with high-quality Omron switches, its own software in Czech with many setting options, and its own integrated flash memory that you can save your settings to. Read more

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Precise Pixart 3330 sensor

The Pixart 3330 sensor excels in sensitivity and precision. You can enjoy the many sensitivity options, ranging from 1000 to 10000 DPI, a refresh rate from 125-1000 Hz, and motion scanning at 250 IPS.

Minimal weight, maximum performance

The mouse surprises with its unique design, which only weighs 66 g, without taking anything away from its comfort or shape. Rather, its light weight gives your hand extra freedom, significantly increasing your responsiveness when gaming.

Advanced settings with ORYX gaming software

The mouse’s software in Czech allows for fast and completely adjustable macros, backlighting, and functions for all six buttons.

Integrated memory

The Niceboy ORYX M666 Daemon features a 32bit ARM processor and internal memory, thanks to which you can easily store your macro and button settings, meaning you can jump right into your game every time you turn on your PC.

Precision is Omron’s middle name

With the high-quality Omron switches, an accurate recording of each press of each of the 6 buttons is perfectly logged. The switches are highly resistant for even the most passionate of gamers, and they can eliminate unregistered presses.


Voltage: DC 5V ±5G, el. current: ≤100mA
Dimensions: 128 x 66 x 39 mm
Weight: 110 g
Max DPI: 10000 DPS
DPI modes: 1000/2000/3000/5000/10000
Refresh rate: 1000/500/125HZ
Button count: 6
Sensor: Optical
Cord length: 1.8 m with gilded connector
Switches: Omron
Connection: USB
Package contents:
  • Niceboy ORYX M666 Daemon
  • User manual


Enjoy playing both solo and co-op games with the ORYX X210 Donuts. They provide crystal-clear audio, both in terms of bass and highs. They perfectly isolate any outside noises, and thanks to their ergonomic design they sit perfectly on your head. They also come with stylized lighting and a 3.5 mm jack, which you can use to connect to your computer, gaming console or mobile phone. You’ll also be happy to know the headphones come with a flexible microphone.

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The mechanical ORYX K610 Chameleon gaming keyboard won’t let you down, even in the wildest of gunfights. Thanks to the keyboard’s quality Mojo RX switches, the keys provide amazing response times. Neither the full Anti-Ghosting nor WinLock features will allow your game to be interrupted. The keyboard also comes equipped with its own ORYX software, which allows you to set the RGB backlighting and macros just how you like. And it goes without saying that the keyboard is fitted with multimedia keys.

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The Niceboy brand has now come out with its own line of gaming headphones, mice, keyboards, and other equipment for gamers. The compact mechanical keyboard without a number pad, the Niceboy ORYX K300X, offers elegant RGB backlighting, anti-ghosting for 26 of the most used keys, and many other properties that make it a universal keyboard for your everyday gaming setup.

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Whether you’re streaming, recording podcasts, or filming your own vlogs, you can rely on the Niceboy VOICE microphone. The pure audio of your voice will be transferred flawlessly. The microphone can handle any disturbances coming from undesired directions, thanks to its cardioid directional characteristics and removable pop filter. Connecting and using the microphone is beyond easy, you can place it anywhere you need, using either the tripod or adjustable microphone holder.

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