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First-rate functionality in a compact body


The mechanical gaming keyboard ORYX K700X PRO stands at the very peak of the ORYX series. The popular design without a numeric keypad leaves more space for mouse movement, and the top-class mechanical Gateron Brown switches guarantee reliability and precision. The dedicated ORYX software then allows you to assign macros to keys, change the backlight colours, and configure the colour effects yourself. Read more

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Compact body without a numeric keypad for faster mouse movement

Keyboards without a numeric keypad are becoming more and more popular in the gaming community. The smaller dimensions leave more space on the desk or table for freer and faster mouse movement. The ORYX K700X PRO keyboard also features 68 of the most frequently used keys with full travel, including arrows and a useful wheel for speedy volume changes.

Rely on the perfect responsiveness of mechanical Gateron Brown switches

Gaming requires lightning-fast reactions, which is why you need a highly sensitive and controllable keyboard. The ORYX K700X PRO gaming keyboard comes equipped with one of the best mechanical switches by Gateron Brown, with distinct key press and release response, meaning you can rely on it 100%. Plus, the switches also boast an extra level of resiliency; tests have proven they can withstand over 50 million keystrokes.

Set the macros and backlighting in the dedicated ORYX software

The settings options for the Niceboy ORYX K700X PRO advance the already powerful ORYX software to the next level, as you use them to adjust every detail of the keyboard’s appearance and functions. They’re easy to programme, and you can set not only the macros but also your own RGB backlight style and dynamic effects.

US key layout

The ORYX K700X PRO keyboard features the most widely-used American QWERTY layout, with a single-line ENTER key and zero Czech symbols.

Removable braided cable

The removable cable provides easier transportation, while the premium braided design significantly lengthens its lifespan.

Plug & Play connection with USB 2.0

The keyboard plugs into your computer using a standard USB 2.0 connector, with zero need to download other controllers.

Extra features for a better performance

As with other first-rate gaming keyboards, this one is equipped with both Winlock and N-key rollover. That means you won’t have to worry about accidentally opening the Windows menu while gaming. And when you press several keys at once, the N-key rollover function will ensure the keyboard records every single one. The keyboard also includes additional keys in a contrasting colour, allowing you to highlight the keys you care about most.

RGB backlighting and dynamic effects with 16.8 million colours

The keyboard’s elegant design is only further accentuated by the RGB backlighting. You can choose from a number of pre-set dynamic effects and coloured backlighting. And, of course, thanks to the ORYX software, you can configure the effects however you want, including differentiating the specific keys you need with various colours.

Adjustable, anti-slip pads

For increased stability, the keyboard has rubber pads, with an adjustable height in two positions.

A structure with a long lifespan

The keyboard’s robust design guarantees a long lifespan, even for demanding users.

Heavy-duty double-shot keys

Thanks to the double-shot PBT keys, the surface won’t rub off after long-term use, and the symbols remain legible.


Switch: mechanical Gateron brown
Lifespan of switches: 50 million presses
Number of keys: 67+1 multimedia volume wheel
Layout: US
Voltage: 5V DC, current: 120 mA
Connection: USB 2.0
Anti-ghosting: all keys (NKRO)
OS requirements: Windows, Mac, PS4, PS5
Cable length: 1.8 m
Dimensions: 327 x 114 x 39.2 mm
Weight: 745 g
Package contents:
  • Niceboy ORYX K700X PRO keyboard
  • Instructions for Use
  • Set of different-colour keys
  • Removable cable



IN STOCK > 5, immediately to dispatch

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ORYX GamePad

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