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ION Hurricane H5

The Niceboy ION Hurricane H5 cordless vacuum cleaner makes cleaning your home easier. With its 2-in-1 design, it combines both a cordless and hand-held vacuum. The set of specialised attachments helps you clean even hard-to-reach places. It effectively removes impurities thanks to its powerful suction system, featuring Cyclone PRO technology and the five-stage filtration system MAX Clean. The battery then offers 35 minutes of vacuuming, and the 600 ml dust container is ideal for cleaning larger spaces. Read more

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Both a hand-held and cordless vacuum in one

With the Niceboy ION Hurricane H5 cordless vacuum, you’re bringing a truly versatile helper into your home. The 2-in-1 design means that the cordless vacuum can immediately transform into a hand-held vacuum for quick cleaning. The packaging also includes a set of specialised attachments that you can use to vacuum even the hardest-to-reach spots. Use the vacuum to clean floors and even sofas, furniture, and your car. With the Niceboy ION Hurricane H5, the possibilities are endless.

Wireless battery life of up to 35 minutes

The chargeable Niceboy ION Hurricane H5 cordless vacuum grants freedom of movement, eliminating the need to rely on the length of a cord or how close you are to an outlet. The high-capacity Li-Ion battery offers 35 minutes of vacuuming on a single charge. The light signal on the body of the vacuum then informs you of the battery life. Not only does the packaging include an adapter but also a practical charging dock that can be fixed to the wall, thus providing a clever form of easy storage. In this way, the vacuum won’t become an obstacle while being always ready for immediate use.

The set of specialised attachments expands the vacuum’s usability

The specialised attachments will help you clean. The slit-shaped nozzle is a welcome addition that you can use to vacuum up messes in the tightest of spaces. The combined brush nozzle is then perfect for cleaning upholstered furniture and table and shelf surfaces, etc. Both nozzles attach either directly to the motorised unit (when in hand-held mode), the long tube, or the practical bendable tube. With the Niceboy ION Hurricane H5 accessories set, you’re getting nine vacuum combinations that significantly expand your cleaning options.

Effective vacuuming and high suction power

The Niceboy ION Hurricane H5 vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a powerful 150 W motor. Thanks to this high level of performance, and together with the advanced Cyclone PRO technology, the vacuum reliably picks up even the smallest, microscopic impurities. It also offers 2 suction power levels: LOW for ordinary, quick vacuuming, and HIGH for a truly deep clean.

Light weight

The light weight of only 2.2 kg for the cordless vacuum (1.3 kg while in hand-held mode) and the ergonomic handle guarantee easy and comfortable handling.

Two charging methods

The packaging includes both a charging adapter for outlets and a practical charging dock that can be fixed to the wall, so it’ll always be ready to be used.

Flexible floor nozzle

With a quick flick of the wrist, you can tilt the nozzle by 90° and turn it by 180°, allowing you to fluidly vacuum around and under furniture.

Clean all types of hard floors and carpets

The Niceboy ION Hurricane H5 is a powerful cordless vacuum that cleans large, small, dry, and even wet messes, no matter the floor type. You can use it to easily vacuum hard floors like parquet blocks, vinyl, linoleum, etc., as well as carpets and runners. For an even better clean, you’ll find two special brushes included for the motorised floor nozzle – one is meant for hard floors, and the other for carpets.

The premium HEPA filtration system handles allergens and mites

The Niceboy ION Hurricane H5 is the ideal vacuum cleaner for homes of allergic people. It comes equipped with the highly-effective, five-stage filtration system MAX Clean. The integrated, highest-class H13 HEPA filter stands out with its highest possible filtration efficiency; it eliminates 99.95% of all particles as small as 0.06 micrometres.

LED lighting

The LED diodes on the vacuum head light up the area you’re cleaning. Now you won’t miss a single speck, even when vacuuming dark spaces.

Large, 600 ml dust container

The vacuum features a large, 600 ml dust container, which is enough even for large spaces.

Low volume

With the effective motor and a reduced volume of 78 dB or less, vacuuming will no longer disturb the peace of your home.

Easy to use, easy to maintain

Save money – the Niceboy ION Hurricane H5 doesn’t need any vacuum bags. It captures all impurities in its high-capacity, 0.6 l dust container, which is easily dumped out into the bin when you’re done vacuuming. Wash the HEPA filter and rotating brush under running water. By wiping the collection container and the nozzle, you rid any accumulated dust, thus comfortably keeping the Niceboy ION Hurricane H5 vacuum cleaner in top condition for maximum performance.


Vacuum dimensions (without accessories): 210 x 120 x 300 mm
Adapter: 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Power: 150 W
Nominal voltage: DC 22.2 V
Li-Ion battery capacity: 2200 mAh
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Vacuuming time: 35 min
Capacity: 0.6 l
Vacuum weight: 2.2 kg (1.3 kg for the hand-held vacuum)
Volume: <78 dB
Package contents:
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Battery
  • Charging adapter
  • Extension attachment
  • Slit-shaped nozzle
  • Brush attachment
  • Floor brush
  • Floor and carpet brush
  • Bendable nozzle


The Niceboy ION AirSonic POP hair dryer offers exceptional hair care. With a powerful motor, temperature and air speed control, long cord and safety lock, it is ideal for easy hair drying and styling. Plus, it has a pleasing minimalist design in four colours and a lightweight construction for comfortable use. And it fits easily in your suitcase for travel.

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The high-frequency toothbrush Niceboy ION Sonic utilises as many as 40,000 oscillations per minute to effectively care for your pearly-white smile. And because everyone has slightly different teeth and cleaning requirements, Sonic offers multiple cleaning modes. Sonic just needs 2 minutes, or 30 seconds per row, to flawlessly clean your teeth. The vibrations will alert you when it’s time to switch to the next row, meaning there’s no need to monitor anything; the toothbrush takes care of everything for you. The Niceboy ION Sonic lasts up to an amazing 40 days off of a single charge.

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23 €