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ION Charles i9 White

The first-rate Niceboy ION Charles i9 robotic vacuum is the combination of not only an effective vacuum but also a mop with the intelligent water spray system AQUA Direct. The vacuum utilises the top-class laser navigational system LiDAR to create interactive maps of places it cleans. Then, using the Niceboy ION mobile application, you can set the individual areas to be cleaned and limit other spots as “off-limits”. With Red SENSE technology, the vacuum avoids collisions with your furniture or falling down the stairs. The battery capacity lasts 150 minutes off a single charge, and the robot itself will return to its charging station before its battery dies. Read more

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Smart vacuum with AQUA Direct mopping system

The Niceboy ION Charles i9 offers yet another level of cleaning. With the mop function, it not only vacuums the floor but also mops it. Plus, the intelligent AQUA Direct mopping system applies water by how much is needed and is capable of cleaning stuck-on, hard-to-remove stains. With the large 450 ml dust container and the 450 ml liquid container, even large spaces can be cleaned without your assistance.

Control everything with the Niceboy ION mobile app

With the Niceboy ION mobile app, you hold all of your smart ION appliances in the palm of your hand. With the help of the multi-language Niceboy ION app (including Czech and Slovak), you can easily set up the cleaning from anywhere and at any time. Send your Charles i9 to vacuum or mop remotely; set up a schedule for it to clean at certain times, and that also includes receiving detailed statistics regarding the vacuum’s progress.

The effective, three-stage HEPA filtration system removes 99.95% of dirt

Inside the Niceboy ION Charles i9 robotic vacuum, you’ll find the effective, three-stage filtration system MAX Clean. The primary and secondary filters capture larger messes and the special HEPA filter is capable of stopping even the smallest dust particles, allergenic mites, and animal allergens. Maintaining the vacuum is unbelievably easy. You don’t need any replacement bags. The dust container is easy to remove and pour out. The HEPA filter can then be simply washed under running water, and you’re done.

An interactive map of your home using the LiDAR system

The top-notch laser navigational system LiDAR ensures a maximum effective and flawless clean. It scans your home, saves the areas meant for vacuuming, and creates an interactive map that it uses to plan its cleaning routes for 100% coverage. Then, the multi-room function allows you to work with the map and set specific times and cleaning methods to be used in the individual spaces.

Effective vacuuming and high sucking power with the Hurricane PRO systém

The Niceboy ION Charles i9 comes equipped with a powerful motor and the effective Hurricane PRO intake system with high 2500 Pa sucking power for true deep cleaning. The two side brushes together with the central Animal Brush effectively extract dirt and hair from all types of floors. In particular, pet owners will welcome the versatile effectiveness of the Hurricane PRO system.

Prevention from hitting obstacles and falling down the stairs thanks to Red SENSE technology

With the Niceboy ION Charles i9 vacuum, you don’t have to worry about your furniture or the vacuum itself. This is because the ION Charles i9 is equipped with twenty-six infra-red sensors featuring intelligent Red SENSE technology. This technology avoids obstacles and falling down the stairs or off other elevated areas.

The special Animal Brush removes pet hair and messes from floors

The Niceboy ION Charles i9 is the perfect helper for pet owners. The specially designed spiral Animal Brush combines both brushes meant for removing dirt from carpets and rubber tumblers for cleaning hard surface floors. It easily handles tangled balls of pet hair, paw prints, and other familiar messes, no matter the type of floor.

Two containers for dry and wet vacuuming

Included in the vacuum accessories, you’ll find two large 450 ml containers for water and dust, both of which are big enough for cleaning large spaces.

Low 9.9 cm profile

The slim 9.9 cm design allows the vacuum to clean otherwise hard-to-reach spots, such as under the sofa, bed, or wardrobe.

Up to 150 minutes of battery life

The vacuum will save you plenty of time every day. It can last up to 150 hours off of a single charge.

Quiet operation for greater comfort at home

The time you spend vacuuming will no longer disrupt the comfort of your home. Inside the ION Charles i9 vacuum, you’ll find an efficient motor with a low noise level that never goes over 65 decibels. That means you can relax uninterrupted while the Charles i9 ensures all your floors are spotless.

Voice controls using voice assistants

The vacuum can be controlled with more than just the mobile app. With built-in support from the voice assistant Google Assistant, a few words are all you need for a perfect clean.

Large battery capacity and automatic charging

The high-capacity battery guarantees you up to 150 minutes of cleaning time. However, you don’t have to worry about monitoring the battery life. Once it’s done cleaning, the vacuum returns to its charging dock. If the Charles i9 robotic vacuum begins to run low on battery life while still vacuuming, it will stop working and return on its own to the charging dock. Once it’s charged again, it will continue vacuuming right where it left off.

The vacuum speaks to you

For better communication, the vacuum reacts in Czech, Slovak, and English. In this way, you always receive clear feedback.

An array of accessories included

You’ll find everything you need in one package for comfortable operation. For instance, the vacuum comes with replacement brushes, a smaller cleaning brush, a HEPA filter, etc.

Quiet at only 65 decibels

With the effective, noise-reducing motor, the vacuum won’t interrupt your home’s peace and quiet.

Set up the boundaries of "off-limits" zones for the vacuum

You can set up areas in your home where the vacuum is not allowed to enter. Simply limit these forbidden zones in the mobile app, thus creating invisible walls for the vacuum. When it comes time to clean, it will then avoid these areas.

Special cleaning modes for every situation

The ION Charles i9 vacuum offers five cleaning modes that are perfect for adjusting to the specific challenges of any room. Automatic and Zig-Zag modes are universal programmes meant for comprehensive cleaning. Single-point mode is then meant for thoroughly cleaning one area, and Edge mode is a specialised programme intended to meticulously clean along the walls and edges of furniture. Manual mode then takes care of the rest.


Dimensions: L346*W340*H99mm
Product weight: 3.1±0.1KG
Connection method: Wi-Fi
Battery: 5000mAH Li-ion battery
Measured voltage: 14.4V
Measured power: 40W
Liquid container volume: 450 ml
Dust container volume: 450 ml
Package contents:
  • Primary machine (battery included)
  • Charging base
  • Highly effective filter
  • Side brush
  • Power adapter
  • User’s Manual
  • Liquid container
  • Mopping cloth
  • Cover for roller brush


NEW ION AirSonic PRO Pink

ION AirSonic PRO Pink

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Discover amazing styling with the Niceboy ION AirSonic PRO hairdryer with ionisation function! With a concentrator and diffuser in the package, you can choose how you want to dry and style your hair. The ionisation function will ensure your hair is shiny and smooth, leaving it looking healthy and beautiful. Get the perfect hairstyle quickly and easily.

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ION Sonic Black

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The high-frequency toothbrush Niceboy ION Sonic utilises as many as 40,000 oscillations per minute to effectively care for your pearly-white smile. And because everyone has slightly different teeth and cleaning requirements, Sonic offers multiple cleaning modes. Sonic just needs 2 minutes, or 30 seconds per row, to flawlessly clean your teeth. The vibrations will alert you when it’s time to switch to the next row, meaning there’s no need to monitor anything; the toothbrush takes care of everything for you. The Niceboy ION Sonic lasts up to an amazing 40 days off of a single charge.

38 €
NEW ION Charles i9 Plus Black

ION Charles i9 Plus Black

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The top-of-the-range Niceboy ION Charles i9 Plus robotic vacuum cleaner stands out with its 2-in-1 multifunctional design that combines vacuuming and advanced mopping for comprehensive home cleaning. Thanks to its advanced LiDAR navigation system, the vacuum can create detailed maps of the home, ensuring 100% coverage and allowing detailed cleaning settings directly in the Niceboy ION mobile app. The powerful 2500 Pa suction power and MAX Clean filtration system with HEPA H13 filter guarantee precise cleaning results and a clean home.

308 €

ION Hurricane F7

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The Niceboy ION Hurricane F7 is more than just a vacuum cleaner - it combines a stick vacuum, handheld vacuum and mop in one body. Thanks to its powerful motor with Cyclone PRO technology, it effectively removes dirt from all hard floors and carpets, whether it's dust, hair or larger particles. The high-capacity battery will offer up to 70 minutes of cordless operation. The MAX Clean filtration system ensures a perfectly clean home, and with the 2in1 multi-function attachment and folding handle, you get maximum convenience and flexibility when cleaning and storing the vacuum.

154 €