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Powerful motor and ionisation function


The Niceboy ION AirSonic STAR hair dryer is equipped with a powerful 2100 W motor that ensures optimal airflow for fast and efficient hair drying. Thanks to the integrated ionisation function, the hair dryer protects hair from over-drying and leaves it naturally smooth and shiny. In the package you will find an ultra-thin styling concentrator and a volume diffuser for styling different hair types. The hair dryer offers two airflow and temperature options, allowing you to tailor styling to your needs. A handy cool air button then helps to set your hairstyle. Read more

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Powerful motor and ionisation function for fast styling while maintaining the health of your hair

The Niceboy ION AirSonic STAR hairdryer not only guarantees fast styling, but also promotes long-lasting beauty and vitality. The powerful 2100W motor generates optimal airflow for fast and efficient hair drying. This means not only saving time, but also much less exposure of hair to hot air. A key feature is the ionisation function, which contributes to greater hair health and protection. This is because the ionisation function produces negatively charged ions that not only reduce static electricity in the hair, minimising frizz and making it easier to style, but also increases the hair's resistance to external damage. This means that hair remains naturally soft and shiny after drying.

The practical diffuser and concentrator in the package will expand your hairstyle repertoire

In the Niceboy ION AirSonic STAR hairdryer package you will find two attachments that allow you to achieve a variety of hairstyles with maximum ease. The ultra-slim styling concentrator, which rotates 360°, allows you to precisely direct the airflow exactly where it's needed, ideal for creating smooth and sleek hairstyles. The second attachment is the volume diffuser, which adds extra volume and texture to hair. Its special design disperses air evenly throughout the head, which is great for creating rich curls and wavy hairstyles. With these two attachments, the Niceboy ION AirSonic STAR hairdryer becomes a handy tool for creative styling, allowing you to experiment with different hairstyles and create your own unique styles to your liking.

Long power cord

The hairdryer provides plenty of freedom of movement thanks to the 1.7 metre long cord.

Overheat safety lock

The fuse protects the hairdryer from damage. If overheating is imminent, it will preemptively switch off the hairdryer until the temperature drops to a safe level.

Low noise level

With an efficient, low-noise motor, blow-drying your hair will no longer interfere with home comfort.

With the airflow and temperature settings, you are in full control of your styling

The Niceboy ION AirSonic STAR hairdryer offers exceptional flexibility with two airflow and temperature options that allow you to fully customize your styling to your needs. This gives you full control over the drying and styling process. You'll also find a cool air button on the hairdryer to help set your style while providing refreshment for your hair. This combination of options allows you to achieve professional results while keeping your hair healthy and beautiful.


Power: 2100 W
Voltage: 220-240 V /50-60 Hz
Appliance protection class: II.
Power consumption in off state: 0.00 W
Package contents:
  • Niceboy ION AirSonic STAR
  • Diffuser
  • Concentrator
  • Operating Instructions


ION AirSonic Pro

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Discover amazing styling with the Niceboy ION AirSonic PRO hairdryer with ionisation function! With a concentrator and diffuser in the package, you can choose how you want to dry and style your hair. The ionisation function will ensure your hair is shiny and smooth, leaving it looking healthy and beautiful. Get the perfect hairstyle quickly and easily.

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ION Sonic Pro UV white

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The Niceboy ION Sonic PRO UV Sonic Toothbrush offers excellent care for your teeth with a frequency of 85,000 vibrations per minute. The brush comes with three interchangeable heads of different hardness. With a travel case with UV-C sterilization function, it achieves an efficiency of 99.9%, ensuring a completely disinfected surface for the brush and replacement heads. Three cleaning modes, including sensitive teeth and whitening mode, together with timers for even cleaning, guarantee optimal results and a radiant smile. The specially shaped head with DuPont bristles cleans every corner of the mouth.

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NEW ION Charles i6 Black

ION Charles i6 Black

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Niceboy ION Charles i6 is an innovative robotic vacuum cleaner that takes care of comprehensive cleaning of all floors in the home. It not only vacuums the floors thoroughly, but thanks to the mopping function, it also mops them straight away. This vacuum cleaner uses a gyroscopic navigation system for efficient route planning and its smart sensors prevent collisions and falls. Plus, it features an advanced filtration system with MAX Clean technology that effectively eliminates all dirt and allergens. Plus, you can conveniently check in for the entire cleaning from your mobile phone thanks to the vacuum's connection to the Niceboy ION app.

231 €

ION Sonic Kids

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The Niceboy ION Sonic Kids Sonic Toothbrush has been specially designed for children. With sonic technology and a high vibration frequency of up to 60,000 vibrations per minute, the toothbrush actively participates in maintaining healthy and beautiful teeth. With special cleaning modes, children can choose the appropriate care for their teeth. With timers, the ION Sonic Kids toothbrush keeps an eye on the right cleaning time. Plus, the Niceboy ION Sonic Kids lasts up to a whopping 40 days on a single charge.

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