We deliver in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Discover the world of the Niceboy ION smart home: Treat yourself with a robotic vacuum cleaner and sonic toothbrush, enjoy your day more with a smart electric kettle, smart light bulbs for a unique atmosphere, smart plugs for improved safety, and a personal scale to track your health. Smart Home is the world of appliances that improve your life all thanks to a single app.

One app for everything

You can control every Niceboy ION product from a single app on your phone. The app is both in Czech and English, it’s easy to use, and, of course, it’s free. Whenever you want, you can create your own scenarios in the app that the individual appliances will then follow and do everything you want them to. For instance, you can tell the vacuum, smart bulb, or plug what to do when you leave for work.


Having a smart household will save you time and money, so you can focus on what’s really important. A smart home provides a pleasant atmosphere of lights to your home, cleans for you without you even needing to be there, and, if you set it up right, gives you a few extra minutes to stay in bed in the morning. Simply put, Niceboy ION makes your life better!


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