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A conference microphone at an affordable price


The Niceboy VOICE Call is one of the most affordable table conference microphones on our market. It easily handles work meetings or online chats with family or friends. Despite its affordable price, it still manages to offer stereo-quality surround sound. It’s simple to use and quite intuitive. Plus, it comes in such a small size that you can easily take it with you everywhere. Read more

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Just plug it in and go!

No special knowledge or added steps are needed when setting up this microphone – thanks to the Plug&Play technology, all you need to do is plug the microphone into a PC via the USB port and start your meeting.

Stereo-quality audio

With the VOICE Call microphone, you’ll enjoy guaranteed perfect audio. It boasts surround sound recording, meaning it picks up sounds from any direction, i.e. 360 ° coverage. Plus, the audio is transmitted with stereo quality, ensuring that your voice will always be heard cleanly and clearly.

Comfortable portable design

Both the size and the weight of the VOICE Call microphone are quite minimal, meaning you can have a middleman for all your conference calls no matter where you go.


Microphone: omnidirectional, stereo
Frequency: 100Hz – 16KHz
Sensitivity: -40dB±3dB
Talking distance: max. 2 metres
System requirements: Windows 8.1 and newer, MacOS 10.1 and newer, USB 2.0
USB cable length: 1.4 m
Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 15 mm
Weight: 92 g
Package contents:
  • Niceboy VOICE Call
  • Integrated USB cable
  • Manual


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Bezdrátovou multimediální klávesnici Niceboy K10 uvítáte do domácnosti i do kanceláře. Důraz byl kladen na minimalistický design a nízkoprofilové klávesy s tichým a měkkým chodem. S počítačem klávesnice komunikuje přes přiložený bezdrátový USB přijímač. U Niceboy K10 najdete klávesy ve standardním rozložení, rozšířené o multimediální klávesy pro pohodlné ovládání.

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The Niceboy M10 is a wireless mouse with both compact dimensions and an ergonomic design. It uses the included wireless USB receiver to communicate with your computer. All movements are recorded by fast and precise optic technologies. You only need one AA battery to power the mouse. Given its shape, the Niceboy M10 mouse is designed for right-handed people.

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With the Niceboy STREAM PRO 2 LED webcam, you can stream worry-free in even the worst light conditions because the camera has built-in LED lights. The camera records in Full HD quality and is equipped with a high-quality lens with a high aperture ratio (f/1.8). It also supports Plug & Play, meaning you can simply plug in the cable and start streaming.

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