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PILOT Q9 Radar

The Niceboy PILOT Q9 Radar camera has everything you need – great resolution up to 4K, GPS, a complete database of European radars, and every other function you need for a quality video record in case of an accident. The camera is controllable via a mobile application, it speaks Czech, and can even shoot in direct light and at night. Read more

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A detailed record you can rely on

Záznam své jízdy si můžete přehrávat ve vysokém detailu ve 4K nebo při 2K rozlišení při 30 snímcích za sekundu. A pro extra plynulý záznam je naprosto ideální FullHD rozlišení se 60 snímky za vteřinu. Jistě oceníte i její snadnou instalaci pomocí přísavného držáku (držák autokamery není určen pro umístění na kolmá čelní skla).You can play the recordings of your travels with high detail in either 4K or 2K resolution at 30 frames per second. And for extra fluid recording, the Full HD resolution at 60 frames per second is perfect.

Worry-free driving with the speed radar database

Do you want to drive by the law while also focusing on the road? The PILOT Q9 Radar notifies you of every stationary radar or speed monitored section, meaning you don’t have to keep checking for every sign. In its constantly updated database, the camera stores the radars and monitored sections for more than 30 countries in Europe.

G-sensor in case of accidents

Zaznamená náhlou změnu pohybu a nahrávanou sekvenci uzamkne. Tím dojde k ochránění nahrávky s nehodou před jejím nechtěným přepsáním.If a sudden change of motion is detected, the camera locks the recorded section. This function ensures the protection of all your recordings from being accidentally overwritten in the case of an accident.

Wide Dynamic Range technology

The dashcam is better at capturing images in contrast light conditions. That translates to video recording that captures every detail in both dark and heavily lit places.

Wide, 170° field of vision

With the wide, 170° field of vision, you can be sure the camera will capture everything happening in front of your vehicle.

Detailed record of routes with GPS module

The PILOT Q9 Radar dashcam stores data regarding your speed and GPS coordinates. That means you have this record at your disposal at all times and you can go through it with your own player with Google Maps support.

Up to 128 GB memory card

For the Niceboy PILOT QR Radar dashcam, you can use a memory card with up to 128 GB of memory.

Loop recording

Záběry se nahrávají do smyčky a samy se při naplnění paměťové karty automaticky promazávají. Nedojde tak k zaplnění karty.Your video clips are recorded in loops and they automatically erase themselves after your memory card is full. This way your memory card will never be overfilled.

Large 3” IPS display

Kamera je vybavena přehledným IPS displejem o rozměrech 3“, takže i bez mobilní aplikace je stále snadno ovladatelná a menu čitelné.The dashcam is equipped with an easy-to-read, 3” IPS display, meaning it’s still easy to handle and the menu is legible even without the mobile app.

Film at night and even in direct sunlight

Autokamera Niceboy PILOT Q9 Radar má díky kvalitnímu senzoru vysokou citlivost, která se velmi blíží infračervenému pásmu umožňujícímu noční vidění. To společně s kvalitním celoskleněným šestivrstvým objektivem se světelností f/1.8 znamená čitelné noční záznamy. Ale ani prudké slunce kameře nevadí, díky technologii WDR skvěle zvládá místa s problematickými kontrastními přechody světla.Thanks to its quality sensor, the Niceboy PILOT Q9 Radar dashcam has a high level of sensitivity, which is quite close to the infra-red band, i.e., night vision. Together with the quality all-glass, six-layer lens with an f/1.8 aperture, the camera creates legible night-time recordings. Not even direct sunlight bothers the camera. Thanks to its WDR technology, it has no issue filming in problematic, contrasting light conditions.

Control the camera via the app on your mobile

Kamera PILOT Q9 Radar se díky WiFi propojí s vaším telefonem. V aplikaci pak z telefonu můžete kameru ovládat, tedy si například nechat přehrát videosnímek nebo změnit nastavení kamery.The PILOT Q9 Radar camera connects to your telephone over Wi-Fi. You can then control the camera in the app on your mobile. Here you can play video segments or change the camera’s settings.


Chip: Novatek 96670
Sensor: Sony IMX335
Lens: all-glass 6G, 170°
Lens aperture: f/1.8
Video quality: 4K 30fps (interpolated), 2K 30fps, 1080p 60fps, 1080p 30fps
Video format: MP4, H.264 (for 2K and 1080p video)/H.265 (for 4K video)
Photo resolution: max. 12MPx
Display: 3” IPS
GPS: yes
Wi-Fi: yes
Memory card: micro SD, UHS-I U3, max. 128GB, supported FAT32 format (memory card not included)
Battery: no
Supercapacitor: yes
Operational temperature: 0 °C to +55 °C
Charging adapter: output voltage 5V, input voltage 12-24V, output current 2A
Camera dimension (W x H x L): 89.6 x 57.4 (128 with mount) x 36.6 mm
Camera weight: 86 g
Camera suction weight: 25 g
Package contents:
  • Dashcam Niceboy PILOT Q9 RADAR
  • Glass suction camera holder
  • Charging cable with integrated GPS module
  • Manual



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The Niceboy VEGA X PRO action camera stands out as a shining star among its peers. Don’t get blinded by its highest quality available 4K video recording at 60 frames per second and its watertightness up to 12 meters outside of its case. Of course, there’s also the advanced X-STEADY stabilization, the integrated microphone, which records sounds with innate stereo-level quality, and a number of other functions, such as the camera’s Slow Motion mode with a slowdown rate of 8x, the 4K time-lapse feature and Wi-Fi controls.

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The Niceboy PILOT Q7 2K delivers exceptional image quality with native 2K and FullHD resolution with the option of interpolated 4K video. It features WDR technology and an all-glass lens with high f/2.8 aperture, ensuring excellent footage even in challenging lighting conditions. The security of your data is guaranteed thanks to the intelligent G-sensor and cyclic recording. Plus, the audio recording function adds complexity to your recordings. The large 3" IPS display makes it easy to operate and monitor your dashcam recordings.

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The Niceboy PILOT Q2 WiFi acts as every driver’s witness when things go south. Although the dashcam won’t help you avoid a potential crash, it does create clear evidence that you’re not at blame. No need to fear even when you leave your car behind – thanks to the parking mode, the camera automatically turns on if someone happens to knock your car in the car park.

46 €


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Niceboy PILOT S5 is an innovative dashcam that offers comfortable operation along with perfect FullHD images and a range of safety features. With a compact design, a rotatable lens up to 320 degrees and easy installation on the car glass, you are always assured of an optimal shot. Thanks to the GPS module, you can track detailed records of your journeys directly in the mobile app with Google Maps. G-sensor, cyclic recording and audio recording ensure record protection and comprehensive driving monitoring. A supercapacitor gives the camera greater resistance to temperature and other fluctuations.

77 €