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ORYX X210 Donuts

Enjoy playing both solo and co-op games with the ORYX X210 Donuts. They provide crystal-clear audio, both in terms of bass and highs. They perfectly isolate any outside noises, and thanks to their ergonomic design they sit perfectly on your head. They also come with stylized lighting and a 3.5 mm jack, which you can use to connect to your computer, gaming console or mobile phone. You’ll also be happy to know the headphones come with a flexible microphone. Read more

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Flexible microphone + simple controls

The headphones are equipped with a sensitive, flexible microphone with clear voice transmission. Do you want to raise the volume and not even have to think about it? Audio controls can be found right on the headphones, making them quite intuitive.

Powerful and clear audio

You’re going to need calm surroundings and good internal sound when gaming – which is exactly what the ORYX X210 Donuts provide. They have a wide audio range – deep bass with balanced middles and highs. Great stereo sound is provided by the large 40 mm converter.

Limitless connection with 3.5 mm jack

Plugging your headphones into a computer is a given, but what do you do when you want to connect to your gaming console, such as an Xbox or PlayStation? As long as they have a 3.5 mm jack, then you’re in business. The ORYX X210 Donuts gaming headphones come with a 3.5 mm jack and cord, which are compatible with an array of devices, including laptops and mobile telephones.

Kreativní záběry s extra funkcemi

Jelikož má kamera funkcí časosběru, můžete s ní hodinové video vtěsnat do několika málo minut. Kromě toho má funkci WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), díky které dokáže zachytit vyšší detaily u kontrastních scén. Díky nastavení expozice si přizpůsobíte nahrávání a focení jak pro stinné, tak i světlé scény.

Comfort as a priority

Do you game all night and don’t want sore ears? The ORYX X210 Donuts headphones are extremely comfortable to wear, even during long gaming sessions – they were designed with comfort and resilience in mind. The main headband is adjustable to your head size and, thanks to its Duralumin construction, it can stand up to anything. Plus, the headphone pads sit perfectly and create effective surround-sound absorption.

Bohaté příslušenství v balení

V balení najdete všechno potřebné vybavení, díky kterému můžete ihned začít natáčet v nejrůznějších podmínkách. Vodotěsný obal pro natáčení pod vodou až do 30 metrů, úchyty k obalu a na řidítka, držáky, jistící lanka nebo třeba popruhy. Tohle příslušenství jednoduše dokupovat nemusíte.


Design: over the head
Type of headphone pads: closed
Colour: Black
Microphone: yes
Lighting: yes
Electrical impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 109 ± 3dB
Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Operational current: ≤30 mA
Changer size: 40 mm
Connection: 3.5 mm jack (for audio supply) + USB (only for lighting supply)
Microphone sensitivity: -58±3dB
Supported systems: Windows XP/Vista/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10
Cord length: 2.1 m
Cable design: one-sided (leads into one headphone)
Dimensions: 180 x 230 x 100 mm
Weight: 322 g
Package contents:
  • Niceboy ORYX X210 Donuts gaming headphones
  • Multi-language manual


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