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Smart lighting for your home

ION SmartBulb RGB E14 Set

The intelligent LED light bulb with 5.5 W of power brings a number of positive changes to your home: It saves energy, creates the desired atmosphere, and even time schedules can be set up for the lights to automatically turn off and on. You can control the light bulb using the Niceboy ION mobile app or via Google Assistant voice assistants. You can fine-tune your lighting atmosphere, thanks to 16 million available colours and the brightness variable as well as the colour temperature. Read more


ION SmartBulb Ambient E14 ION SmartBulb RGB E14 ION SmartBulb Ambient E14 Set ION SmartBulb RGB E14 Set

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Millions of colour variations for the right atmosphere

Adjust the colour of your lights depending on your mood or the moment. You can choose from the enormous pallet of 16 million colour shades, including the complete range of temperatures for whites. Apart from the colours themselves, you can also set the brightness (1-100%) and the temperature (2,700-6,500K). For quick settings, you’ll find a whole set of pre-set colour scenes in the settings.

With the Niceboy ION mobile app, you control the lights as well as the entire household

You’ll find the complete controls for the Niceboy ION SmartBulb RGB E14 in the Niceboy ION mobile app. Right from your phone, comfortably set the light’s colour parameters, arrange the time schedule, and organise your devices into groups. Apart from the light bulbs, you can control every product from the Niceboy ION smart home line in the app.

Set up the lights to turn off automatically

Automatic lights are the foundation for every modern smart home. What do you think of lights that change from the blue light spectrum to red every evening for better sleep? And then waking up to brighter lights for a better start to your day? All this is easily done. Using the Niceboy ION app, you can set time schedules and decide when and in which colour the selected lights should turn on.

Simple installation within seconds

Truly anyone can handle this installation. Download the Niceboy ION mobile app, screw in the light bulb, and then just follow the instructions on your screen.

Lifespan up to 25,000 hours

With the light bulb’s 25,000-hour lifespan, you save a significant amount on energy over a long period of time.

Ten times more economical than a normal light bulb

Thanks to the advanced LED technology, you save up to 90% more than using an equivalent standard bulb.

Control the lights from anywhere with the mobile app

You’re no longer tied down by the off switch. For instance, are you unsure whether you turned off the lights when you left this morning? Or you’re on holiday and want it to appear like there’s still someone at home? With the Niceboy ION mobile app, you can control all aspects of the lights even while far away.

Compatible with Google Assistant

The light bulbs can be controlled with more than just the mobile app. Control the lights with your voice, the bulbs are compatible with voice assistant Google Assistant.

Control multiple bulbs at once

There’s no need to handle each bulb in your home one at a time. Link several lights together, create a group, and control them all at once. Set a single colour, temperature, brightness, and time schedule.


Supported OS: Android, iOS
Voice assistant support: Yes (Google Assistant)
Connection: Wi-Fi
Base: E14
Input power: 5.5 W (equivalent to a 40 W classic bulb)
Charging voltage: 220-240V
Luminous flux: 470 lm
Light bulb type: LED
Chromaticity: 2700-6500K
Lifespan: 25,000 hours
Package contents:
  • 2x Niceboy ION SmartBulb RGB E14
  • Instructions for Use


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