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X-fit Watch 2 Lite

An elegant smartwatch to express your personal style. The Niceboy X-fit Watch 2 Lite will help you take control of your health and be your personal assistant and training partner. Under the elegant exterior hides a heavy-duty frame with simple controls, a week-long battery life, and watertightness.

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Key properties

  • 1.69”, 2.5D LCD touch display
  • Wireless interface Bluetooth 5.0
  • Comfortable, interchangeable silicone band
  • Water and dust-resistant body (IP67 degree of coverage)
  • Light design weighing only 16.9 grams
  • Battery lasts up to 7 days
  • Up to 75 watch face style motifs
  • Health value/function monitoring (heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, etc.)
  • Mobile application with other functions and statistics (Android and iOS)
  • Notifies you of incoming calls, SMS, and notifications from other applications
  • Both the watch and app include multiple languages (including Czech)
  • Sports mode for 7 different sports
  • Other smart functions (music playback, stopwatch, weather, etc.)

A watch that adjusts to fit your style

You can easily adjust the watch to fit your style, your personality. The elegant, unisex design perfectly matches any outfit. Changing the watch face is easy, you have 75 different motifs to choose from. And the option to exchange the band for any other band with a width of 20 mm opens the door to many ways you can modify the watch to 100% match your style.

Large, legible display and light frame

With the Niceboy X-fit Watch 2 Lite, you’ll never tire of the simple controls that implement the full touch screen display with the assistance of the practical control button for making quick choices. The large, 1.69” display and rounded edges provide excellent legibility. The watch looks great when worn, and with the comfortable silicone band and light weight of only 16.9 grams, you won’t even know you’re wearing it.

Mobile application for detailed information and extra functions

With the smart mobile app, you’ll get even more entertainment and options out of the watch. Here you’ll find your activities and health data clearly arranged for easy reading; this is the place for setting goals and monitoring your progress. With the app, you can also set the watch’s advanced smart functions to fit your needs. You’ll find the controls quite comfortable to use as both the watch and the app speak your language. You can choose from multiple languages, including Czech and Slovak.

It lasts all week, no matter where you take it

Under the elegant exterior, the watch hides a frame capable of enduring anything. The watch is water and dust-proof, meaning it can accompany you on even the most challenging trips into the outdoors. And you only need to charge it once a week; the days of searching for your charger every day are gone. With the Niceboy X-fit Watch 2 Lite, you receive a watch that’s got your back.

The smart functions monitor your health

Have an overview of your health condition with the watch’s smart functions. Measuring your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, the quality of your sleep, and more will help you see the bigger picture regarding the current status of your health. That means you can react in time and adjust your activities to help yourself feel better and be healthier.

You won’t miss any important calls or messages

Remain in constant contact with your family and friends. The watch offers the option to receive notifications for incoming calls, SMS messages, as well as from other apps. With the Niceboy X-fit Watch 2 Lite, you won’t miss out on any important calls.

The watch supports you to get active

Apart from the integrated pedometer, the watch provides precise measurements for 7 sports modes, including running, cycling, and more. However, you should also be active during the day. To this end, the watch notifies you during times of extended inactivity that it’s time to go for a walk or to stretch.


  • Niceboy X-fit Watch 2 Lite smartwatch
  • Charging cable
  • Instructions for Use


Display: 1.69” LCD 240*280
Battery: 180 mAh
Battery life: 5-7 days
Degree of coverage: in accordance with the IP67 standard
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Range: 10 m
Watch languages: Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, English, German
App languages: Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, English, German
Sports modes: walking, running, cycling, jump rope, badminton, basketball, football
Other functions: music playback, weather, stopwatch, timer
Silicone band length range: 145-240 mm
Band width: 20 mm
Band material: silicone
Interchangeable band: Yes
Frame material: plastic
Dimensions: 36 x 50 x 10 mm
Weight: 16.9 g (weight without band)
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X-fit Watch 2

Do you care about your health? Do you want to sleep well or are you interested in the statistics from the sports you play? The X-fit Watch 2 smartwatch by Niceboy can go everywhere you go: Everything from intensive training sessions of one of the 23 supported sports options, to times when you’re resting. Here the watch won’t only keep an eye on your sleep but also the functions of your heart and menstrual cycle as well. And, of course, notifications, SMS, and telephone calls are also displayed on the watch.

Product detail

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X-fit Watch Pixel

The Niceboy X-fit Watch Pixel comes with everything you need: it tracks your health, sleep, physical condition, and sports performances. It alerts you of incoming calls and text messages, and you can use it to control other apps and music. It also has outstanding battery life. Not only can it last up to 10 days when used normally, but it also takes dust and water resistance to the max.

Product detail

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X-fit Coach GPS

The most affordable watch and integrated GPS module all in one. Do you play multiple sports and want to have an overview of your performance? Would you like to compare your runs and see your progress? Or are you more interested in staying fit and getting good sleep? Either way, the X-Fit Coach GPS watch is right for you, as it helps monitor your sporting efforts. The watch is resistant to both dust and water, plus, it can last up to 10 days off a single charge. With all this in mind, you know you can rely on this watch no matter the situation.

Product detail

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X-fit Plus

The elegant X-Fit Plus band by Niceboy will become your new favourite fitness partner. The band is sure to catch your eye with its 0.96” OLED display and watertight body. It comes equipped with all the important functions for a healthy lifestyle, including a pedometer, heartbeat sensor, calorie counter and much more. And don’t forget that the band has its own mobile application (application also available in Czech) and ability to receive notifications from your telephone. Enjoy the freedom the band provides with a battery lasting up to 7 days.

Product detail

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X-fit Watch

The Niceboy X-Fit Watch is a stylish watch you can wear for a night out in the city. The watch has been designed to attract attention, both thanks to its appearance as well as its wide assortment of practical functions. It displays your messages, calls and even the weather. You’re going to want to wear it for playing sports, too. You’ll appreciate the watch’s watertightness, the easy music controls, the information displayed about your heart’s activity and calories burned as well as other useful gadgets.

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