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X-fit Watch 2

Do you care about your health? Do you want to sleep well or are you interested in the statistics from the sports you play? The X-fit Watch 2 smartwatch by Niceboy can go everywhere you go: Everything from intensive training sessions of one of the 23 supported sports options, to times when you’re resting. Here the watch won’t only keep an eye on your sleep but also the functions of your heart and menstrual cycle as well. And, of course, notifications, SMS, and telephone calls are also displayed on the watch.

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Key properties

  • 1.69”, 2.5D LCD touch display
  • Heavy-duty metal body
  • Black, unisex design
  • Interchangeable silicone band
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Water and dust-resistant (IP68 degree of coverage)
  • Sports mode for 23 different sports
  • Battery lasts up to 10 days
  • Mobile application with other functions and statistics (Android and iOS)
  • Both the watch and app include multiple languages (including Czech)
  • Health function: heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, sleep pattern
  • Notifies you of incoming calls, text messages, and any notifications sent by other apps.
  • Localization into Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, German, and other languages

One design fits all

Thanks to the fact that the X-fit Watch 2 smartwatch comes with a unisex look, it can be worn by both men and women. Of course, each wearer can customise the watch face to fit their style – simply download the app and choose from the wide selection of styles and colours. The nice silicone band can support many different sizes and is also interchangeable. The watch comes equipped with a 1.69” LCD touch display with a 2.5D rounded surface.

Rain-resistant and heavy-duty

The X-fit Watch 2 smartwatch has a resistant metal frame made of zinc alloy, meaning it can withstand just about anything. With its IP68 degree of coverage, you can ride your bike down a dusty path and even jump in the river, the watch can take it all. If you prefer mechanical controls, you’ll be happy to hear that, apart from the touch display, the watch can be operated using the button.

Keep your health under control

Apart from the fact that the X-fit Watch 2 smartwatch counts your steps, it also counts how much energy you expend both while in motion and at rest, and how well your heart is working during those activities (heartbeat, pressure, and blood oxygenation). And that’s not all: If you let it, the watch will even watch over your water intake, sleep, menstrual cycle, and motivate you to get active if you’ve been sitting too long.

An overview of everything you need right on your wrist

By connecting the watch to your telephone via Bluetooth, you can see who is calling you or sending you messages, and that’s whether via SMS or email, or even if something noteworthy is going on on social media. Especially when running, you’ll appreciate the option to control your music right from the watch. And last but not least, the X-fit Watch 2 smartwatch can even display the weather.

Capable of measuring over 20 types of sports

Whether you’re a peaceful yoga lover or burly rugby player, this smartwatch is ready for you. It comes with 23 sports modes, meaning you can use it for the following sports: outdoor running, indoor running, cycling, jumping rope, badminton, table tennis, hiking, walking, basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, cricket, rugby, hockey, dancing, exercise bike, yoga, crunches, gymnastics, jumping jacks, kayaking.

Package contents

  • Niceboy X-Fit Watch 2 smartwatch
  • Charging cable
  • Instructions for Use


Display: 1.69” LCD 240*240
Battery: 200 mAh
Battery life: 7-10 days
Degree of coverage: in accordance with the IP68 standard (up to 3 metres)
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Range: 10 m
Watch languages: Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, English, German
App languages: Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, English, German
Sports modes: outdoor running, indoor running, cycling, jumping rope, badminton, table tennis,
hiking, walking, basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, cricket, rugby,
hockey, dancing, exercise bike, yoga, crunches, gymnastics, jumping jacks, kayaking.
Other functions: music controls, weather, stopwatch, timer, flashlight
Silicone band length range: 155-225 mm
Band width:20 mm (quick-clamp attachment)
Band material:silicone
Frame material: metal (zinc alloy)
Dimensions: 35 x 45 x 9 mm
Weight: 46 g
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X-fit Watch 2 Lite

An elegant smartwatch to express your personal style. The Niceboy X-fit Watch 2 Lite will help you take control of your health and be your personal assistant and training partner. Under the elegant exterior hides a heavy-duty frame with simple controls, a week-long battery life, and watertightness.

Product detail

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X-fit Watch Pixel

The Niceboy X-fit Watch Pixel comes with everything you need: it tracks your health, sleep, physical condition, and sports performances. It alerts you of incoming calls and text messages, and you can use it to control other apps and music. It also has outstanding battery life. Not only can it last up to 10 days when used normally, but it also takes dust and water resistance to the max.

Product detail

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X-fit Coach GPS

The most affordable watch and integrated GPS module all in one. Do you play multiple sports and want to have an overview of your performance? Would you like to compare your runs and see your progress? Or are you more interested in staying fit and getting good sleep? Either way, the X-Fit Coach GPS watch is right for you, as it helps monitor your sporting efforts. The watch is resistant to both dust and water, plus, it can last up to 10 days off a single charge. With all this in mind, you know you can rely on this watch no matter the situation.

Product detail

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X-fit Plus

The elegant X-Fit Plus band by Niceboy will become your new favourite fitness partner. The band is sure to catch your eye with its 0.96” OLED display and watertight body. It comes equipped with all the important functions for a healthy lifestyle, including a pedometer, heartbeat sensor, calorie counter and much more. And don’t forget that the band has its own mobile application (application also available in Czech) and ability to receive notifications from your telephone. Enjoy the freedom the band provides with a battery lasting up to 7 days.

Product detail