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The Niceboy X-fit ACTIVE features innovative pulse and blood pressure monitoring for the best overview of vital signs.

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Key properties

  • Niceboy X-fit ACTIVE smart band
  • Direct heart beat measuring
  • VCompletely watertight (IP67)
  • Analysis evaluation of your physical condition within the application, implemented in the Czech language (blood pressure, heart beat and more)
  • Monitoring of your daily activity (calories, steps and more)
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Overview of the current weather
  • Lasts up to 7 days
  • Large, colour TFT display, 0.96”
  • Activity challenge to push you during times of lengthy inactivity
  • Notification for telephone calls, SMS and messages coming from other applications
  • Telephone search, music controls and camera

Tailored to a healthy life style

The Niceboy X-fit ACTIVE smart band is the ideal accessory for your active life style. You can follow along from your daily activities to your performance during sports on the large, colour TFT display.
Plus, the band is completely watertight and dustproof (IP67) and possess a battery lasting up to 7 days.
Also, you can easily evaluate your activity in the well-arranged, smart phone application.

Listen to your heart

The Niceboy X-fit ACTIVE comes equipped with an innovative heart beat and blood pressure monitoring system, giving you the best overview of your life functions. In combination with the step counter, calorie measuring and distance measurement, you also have all your health data at your disposal, day and night. You will be able to keep your heart frequency under control thanks to the heart beat monitor and you can thus streamline your training.

Detailed analysis and activity monitoring

The band enables a choice from several sport modes. Thus, the Niceboy X-fit ACTIVE records not only your activity, but also the specific type of your activity, which means the band, for instance, can precisely count how many calories you burn during a specific sport. The band also directly measures your heart beat. The connection with your phone notifications, monitoring of your daily activities, sleep monitoring and alarm clock (with vibration) come as a given and you will also be pleased with the band’s information regarding the current weather.

A week off one charge

Thanks to the powerful battery and Bluetooth 5.0 transmission used in the band, The X-fit ACTIVE is able to last up to 7 days of normal use off one charge. Charging the band is easy thanks to its built-in USB connector, which you can use to quickly charge the band using your PC or adapter.

Czech application

The X-fit ACTIVE band's basic, prominent feature is the well-arranged application, localized to function in the Czech language. In the app you can go through your daily activity (calories, steps, distance walked, heart activity and data from your sleep monitoring) and also store all the sports activities you've completed. The app offers a detailed analysis of every sport you play, when you play. At your disposal you will have your precise route data (you can display the data in the app with the help of Google Maps), a breakdown of your pace for each individual kilometre, a graph of your heart activity (including your heart rate zone), your elevation difference along with many more indicators.

Package contents

  • Fitness band Niceboy X-fit ACTIVE
  • Directions for use


Display: 0,96“ TFT
Battery: 105 mAh
Battery life: 5-7 days
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Transmission distance: 10 m
Charging time: about 2.5 hours
Waterproof: IP67
Dimensions: 250 mm x 20 mm x 12 mm
Weight: 25 g
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Niceboy ®
X-fit Plus

The elegant X-Fit Plus band by Niceboy will become your new favourite fitness partner. The band is sure to catch your eye with its 0.96” OLED display and watertight body. It comes equipped with all the important functions for a healthy lifestyle, including a pedometer, heartbeat sensor, calorie counter and much more. And don’t forget that the band has its own mobile application (application also available in Czech) and ability to receive notifications from your telephone. Enjoy the freedom the band provides with a battery lasting up to 7 days.

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X-fit Watch

The Niceboy X-Fit Watch is a stylish watch you can wear for a night out in the city. The watch has been designed to attract attention, both thanks to its appearance as well as its wide assortment of practical functions. It displays your messages, calls and even the weather. You’re going to want to wear it for playing sports, too. You’ll appreciate the watch’s watertightness, the easy music controls, the information displayed about your heart’s activity and calories burned as well as other useful gadgets.

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X-fit GPS

Niceboy X-fit GPS is an incredible featureful sport tester/smart armband. Built-in GPS tracker with its own 7-day memory. 22 sports activities to choose from. Precise measurement of your route, pace, calories burned; direct measurement of your heart rate and more sports data. A cleverly arranged device with detailed analysis of activities in English (e.g. pace by kilometres, heart rate graph and more). Daily monitoring of steps, distance, calories burned or sleep. All on a large, colour, almost one-inch OLED display. The armband is also fully waterproof and dust resistant (IP67) and can last up to 10 days without charging!

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