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Niceboy RAZE is a universal Bluetooth speaker with spatial (360°) sound. The strong sound from Niceboy RAZE is provided by the speaker with a total power rating of 12 W.

Key characteristics

  • Portable Bluetooth (wireless) speaker
  • Fully watertight IPX7 casing
  • Strong spatial (360°) sound
  • Easy pairing
  • Hands-free phone calls
  • Communication also possible via audio cable

Niceboy RAZE is a universal Bluetooth speaker with spatial (360°) sound. The powerful sound is provided by a speaker with a total power rating of 12 W.

Crystal-clear 360° sound

The sound quality of the speaker with total power rating 12 W will really enthrall you. Moreover, Niceboy RAZE not only channels the sound in one direction but it also offers spatial sound (360°), which will much better fill any interior or exterior with sound.

Fully waterproof speaker

The Niceboy RAZE is designed to marvellously suit any surroundings. The speaker is moreover fully waterproof (protection level IPX7), and this, along with its compact dimensions, makes it an ideal travelling companion.

Advanced Bluetooth 4.2

The stability of the transmitted sound and absolutely undisturbed listening pleasure is guaranteed by the latest version of Bluetooth 4.2. Bluetooth interconnects Niceboy RAZE with your smart phone, tablet or computer over a distance of up to 10 meters. The new Bluetooth, version 4.2, is also thrifty in terms of power consumption, and so you can enjoy long and absolutely undisturbed listening for up to 8 hours.

Designed for maximum comfort

The NFC function pairs your mobile phone just by placing it near the speaker. The built in microphone also makes Niceboy RAZE a useful assistant for hands-free telephone calls. Connecting additional devices (MP3 players, etc.) without Bluetooth is possible via the line-in input for a 3.5-mm cable.

Colour to suit you

For utmost pleasure in your new Bluetooth speaker, the Niceboy RAZE speaker comes in three colours - black, blue or red.

Package contents

  • Bluetooth (wireless) speaker Niceboy RAZE
  • Multilingual operating instructions
  • USB charging cable
  • Audio AUX cable (3.5 mm)


Model: Niceboy RAZE
Bluetooth version: 4.2
Transmission distance: 10 m
Frequency: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity: ≥ 75 dB
Speaker: outer diameter 45 mm, internal magnet 4 Ω
Power: 12W (6W x 2)
Battery: 2200 mAh
Battery life: 7 - 8 hours (at 70% volume)
Charging time: < 4.5 hours
Charging current/voltage: 5V/1A
THD distortion: ≤ 1%
Dimensions: 71 x 73.6 x 169.6 mm
Weight: 400 g
Waterproof: IPX7
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Niceboy ®
RAZE 3 Titan

Maximum power and maximum sound. That’s the only accurate way to describe the RAZE 3 Titan speaker. Thanks to its amazing 50 W of power, this speaker is perfect for livening up a party. It’s sound is crystal clear, and the bass truly impactful thanks to its MaxxBass technology. It lasts up to 15 hours off of one charge. Plus, you can even use it at pool parties – the RAZE 3 Titan is watertight. And don’t forget about the powerbank function. You can use it to charge your mobile phone or tablet, and, thanks to its integrated antenna, you can even listen to FM radio. No additional cable required. 

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Niceboy ®
RAZE 3 Radion

Take the RAZE 3 Radion speaker into the wild with confidence. The speaker impresses with its exceptional 24-hour battery life and ability to liven up a backyard get-to-together. The Radion is both watertight and dustproof. It even has an FM radio and is able to play music from various forms of memory, including USB flash disks and SD cards. Even travelling with the speaker is a breeze thanks to its powerbank capabilities.

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Niceboy ®
RAZE 3 Guru

The wireless Niceboy RAZE 3 Guru speaker is a good looking piece of hardware, perfect for both inside and outside. The speaker might appear small, but it’s hiding more pluses than you’d expect. 24W of power, 360° audio, battery life lasting up to 10 hours, the one-of-a-kind Magic Button which activates super bass mode and much more. The RAZE 3 Guru also comes with the heavy-duty IP67 degree of coverage to protect it against any foreseeable mishaps. The speaker can be used via Bluetooth or its USB or AUX ports. You can even make calls through the speaker and then use it to charge your mobile phone if your battery gets low. Simply stated, the Niceboy RAZE 3 Guru is nothing less than the guru.

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RAZE 2 twins

Niceboy RAZE 2 twins with a 24 W performance introduce a simply one-of-a-kind product to the wireless speaker market. Niceboy RAZE 2 twins actually consist of two stand-alone speakers, connected via True Wireless technology. With this speaker, you can fine-tune its spacious sound to perfectly meet your needs. Also, the speaker lasts up to 10 hours and the IPX7 watertightness keeps it safe from harm. These plus other properties makes this speaker your ideal partner, and not only just for parties with friends.

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RAZE mini

Our Niceboy RAZE mini is the smaller sibling of the favourite bestseller, RAZE. Amazingly high power and a great sound have been squeezed into the compact dimensions of this small speaker. You can play music not only via Bluetooth but also from a USB drive or microSD card. The speaker also has a built-in FM radio and microphone for hands-free calling. You will simply enjoy Niceboy RAZE mini.

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Niceboy ®

Niceboy SOUNDtube is a portable Bluetooth speaker which allows you to take your music with you no matter where you are. The sound quality from the 10W speakers will blow you away.

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