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The Niceboy PILOT XS is one of the most affordable vehicle dash cams with a magnetic camera mount on the market. 30fps video recording in real Full HD definition. The dash cam’s universality and simplistic controls are provided by functions such as the G-Sensor, loop recording, WDR and much, much more.

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Key properties

  • Magnetic camera mount to make handling the camera easier
  • Real Full HD definition (1920x1080p)
  • Multi-language menu (including Czech)
  • G-Sensor technology to protect your recordings from being deleted
  • WDR technology for recording under conditions of high contrasting lights
  • Loop recording
  • Movement detection
  • Automatic power and recording when connected to a charging source
  • Supports all memory cards up to 32GB (memory card not included)

An affordable camera with a magnetic camera mount

The Niceboy PILOT XS is one of the most affordable vehicle dash cams with a magnetic camera mount on the market. The magnetic mount means installation is over in a blink of the eye, saving you time every day. Together with the camera’s truly compact dimensions, the Niceboy PILOT XS is a highly regarded piece of hardware that should be part of every driver’s gear.

Quality travel recording for every situation

The Niceboy PILOT XS dash cam records in 30fps with real Full HD definition (1920x1080p), creating a high-quality record of videos. Wide-angle shots and front of vehicle coverage are guaranteed thanks to the high-quality glass optics which include 140° of capture space. You can play back recorded videos right on the 1.5” display, and the display can also be turned off for driving at night.

Recording protection provided by the G-sensor

Captured videos are automatically recorded over by new videos when the memory card is filled with help of the camera’s loop recording function. The Niceboy PILOT XS dash cam is prepared for every situation thanks to the G-sensor, which starts recording when it detects any sudden movement or unexpected shaking of the vehicle. The G-sensor will then lock this recorded emergency sequence to prevent it from accidentally being deleted. You can have peace of mind knowing that these key segments are safe from being automatically recorded over without your permission.

A camera jam-packed with different functions

The Niceboy PILOT XS can record continuously thanks to its loop recording function. This means you won’t have to manually delete videos from your memory card (camera is compatible with memory cards with storage up to 32GB, memory card not included). The camera also comes equipped with a movement detection mode, where the camera will record whenever it detects movement in front of the vehicle. Furthermore, the camera’s WDR technology allows for recording while in both dark and over-lit places.

Easy controls, easy handling

The Niceboy PILOT XS is a dash cam that can be handled by truly anyone. For instance, the camera automatically powers on when connected to a charging source and off when the camera is fully charged. The camera can also be directly connected to your PC, where you can organize the files without needing to take out and work directly with the memory card.

Package contents

  • Dash cam Niceboy PILOT XS
  • Windshield mount with magnetic attachment
  • USB charging car adaptor
  • Multi-language manual


Lens: wide-angle, 140°
Video definition: 1920 x 1080p 30fps, 1280 x 720p 30fps
Video format: MOV
Max. photo definition: 12 MPx
Display: 1,5“
Battery: built-in mAh Li-Ion
Memory card: micro SD, class 10, FAT32 card format (memory card not included)
Operational temperature: - 10°C - +50°C
Charging car adaptor: voltage output 5V, voltage input 12-24, output current 1.5A
Camera dimensions (w x h x d): 43.8 x 54.9 (89.4 with mount) x 37.7 mm
Camera weight: 44 g
Camera mount weight: 14 g
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The Niceboy PILOT XRS is ready for immediate action. It falls in line with our family of universal dash cams that fear neither day nor night driving. The PILOT XRS is stuffed to the gills with features such as Full HD definition at 30 fps, a G-sensor, WDR technology, a magnetic camera mount, and other smart gadgets that just go to show that we seriously care about quality filming. Protect yourself in your vehicle.

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Niceboy ®

Niceboy is introducing its new, revolutionary dash camera: the Niceboy PILOT XR with integrated GPS and excellent recording quality and video resolution ranging from real-time 2K to Full HD with 60 frames per second. True simple installation with the help of the camera’s compact dimensions and magnetic camera mount. Plus, the Niceboy PILOT XR is controllable within its application on your Wi-Fi-connected mobile phone. All these features turn the Niceboy PILOT XR into an unrivalled, universal dash cam for everyone.

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PILOT X + GPS modul

The Niceboy PILOT X dash cam will leave you feeling impressed with its compact design and quality recording capabilities. Installation has been made as simple as possible thanks to the camera’s magnetic camera mount, turning this purchase into your everyday helper for monitoring your journey. In addition, the Niceboy PILOT X offers detailed videos with real Full HD definition, a GPS module with its own GPS player, and loads of other useful functions.

Product detail

Niceboy ®

Our PILOT Q8 car video camera will delight even the most demanding users. Quality and detailed shots in high super FullHD resolution, GPS module, ADAS assistance services, stunning quality of images at night, speed camera detection and many other modern technologies; all these features define the Niceboy PILOT Q8 car video camera as a great assistant for monitoring your route.

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