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The Niceboy PILOT XRS is ready for immediate action. It falls in line with our family of universal dash cams that fear neither day nor night driving. The PILOT XRS is stuffed to the gills with features such as Full HD definition at 30 fps, a G-sensor, WDR technology, a magnetic camera mount, and other smart gadgets that just go to show that we seriously care about quality filming. Protect yourself in your vehicle.

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Key properties

  • Real Full HD definition (1920 x 1080) at 30 fps
  • Powerful lens aperture f/1.8 for quality shooting at night
  • Magnetic camera mount for easy handling of the camera
  • WDR technology for filming in contrast light conditions
  • G-sensor for protecting your film record from being erased
  • Movement detection
  • Parking mode
  • Wi-Fi with the option to connect the camera to the app
  • 2.45” IPS display with the option to turn off the display for driving at night
  • Multi-language menu (including Czech)
  • GPS module (possible add-on)

Shooting in real Full HD

Filming in real Full HD definition with a wide shot angle of 150° at 30 frames per second, capturing even the quickest of movements. These are the main benefits provided by the Niceboy PILOT XRS dash cam that make it your reliable travel partner. First-rate recording is also supported by the camera’s all-glass, six-layer lens thanks to which you can enjoy clear, sharp, and perfectly tuned shots.

Magnetic camera mount, making for lightning-fast installation

The PILOT XRS comes with a complimentary magnetic camera mount that is ready for action within seconds. The mount firmly holds to your vehicle’s windscreen and is easy to manoeuvre. The built-in Wi-Fi comes as a bonus along with the option of connecting the dash cam to the mobile app. Simply stated, video controls have never been easier. The camera mount also comes with a cigarette-lighter charger that contains 2 USB ports. This means you’ll have an easy time charging both the dash cam and your telephone at the same time.

Readable record under any possible conditions

It’s no matter what time of the day or night you enjoy most going for a cruise. The camera contains WDR technology, which allows for better video capturing even in heavy light-contrasted conditions. That translates to video recording that captures every detail in both dark and heavily-lit places. You will also be proud to own a camera containing the best light aperture lens on the market at f/1.8. You truly will be able to capture all your night-time adventures with high quality.

Market-leading G-sensor smart equipment

You simply can’t go without a G-sensor, it protects your data from being accidentally erased. The sensor immediately locks and protects your videos from undesired playback or erasure upon impact or if the camera is randomly moved with great force. Your video clips are recorded in loops and they automatically erase themselves after your memory card is full. Furthermore, the dash cam has a movement detection function at its disposal – if it registers movement, it will start recording. In the event of an accident or if someone attempts to break into your parked car, (while in parked mode) the camera will power on, start recording and will provide you with conclusive material from the incident.

A dash cam with intuitive applications

Elegant, lightweight, and an opportune size that won’t block your view of the road. This is why using the Niceboy PILOT XRS is both safe and functional to the max. The highly-accessible 2.45” IPS display provides the needed comfort allowing you to playback and stop videos at any time. Plus, the display can also be turned off completely for better comfort while driving at night. You may also purchase the GPS module add-on and turn the camera into a full-bodied device with an array of useful functions – follow along with the path you’ve driven and your vehicle’s position on Google maps or take a look at the record of your driving speed during your travels.

Package contents

  • Dash cam Niceboy PILOT XRS
  • Front windscreen mount with magnetic attachment
  • Cigarette lighter charger with 2 USB ports
  • Multi-language manual


Chip: Novatek 96658
Senzor: CMOS
Lens: glass 6G, 150°
Lens aperture: f/1,8
Video quality:  Full HD (1920x1080p),HD,(1280x720p), WVGA (848x480)VGA (640x480)
Video format: MOV, H.264
Max. photo definition:  12MPx
Display: 2,45“ IPS
Wi-Fi: yes
GPS:  add-on with camera mount supported GPS (purchases separately)
Memory: micro SD, class 10 max. 32GB, FAT32 format (memory card not included)
Battery: built-in Li-Ion, 180mAh
Operational temperature:  -10°C to +55°C
Car charging adapter: output voltage 5V, input voltage 12-24V, output current 4.2A (2x2.1A)
Dimensions: 70.1 x 47.2 (86.3 with mount) x 35.1 mm
Camera weight: 66 g
Camera mount weight:  23 g
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Niceboy presents the revolutionary dashcam the Niceboy PILOT XR Radar with speed radar detection, integrated GPS, and high-quality recording in real 2K or Full HD with 60 frames per second. Enjoy truly easy installation with the camera’s magnetic mount and compact size, and everything is controllable in the mobile app using WiFi - all these features make the Niceboy PILOT XR Radar an unrivalled dashcam.

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Niceboy is introducing its new, revolutionary dash camera: the Niceboy PILOT XR with integrated GPS and excellent recording quality and video resolution ranging from real-time 2K to Full HD with 60 frames per second. True simple installation with the help of the camera’s compact dimensions and magnetic camera mount. Plus, the Niceboy PILOT XR is controllable within its application on your Wi-Fi-connected mobile phone. All these features turn the Niceboy PILOT XR into an unrivalled, universal dash cam for everyone.

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PILOT X + GPS modul

The Niceboy PILOT X dash cam will leave you feeling impressed with its compact design and quality recording capabilities. Installation has been made as simple as possible thanks to the camera’s magnetic camera mount, turning this purchase into your everyday helper for monitoring your journey. In addition, the Niceboy PILOT X offers detailed videos with real Full HD definition, a GPS module with its own GPS player, and loads of other useful functions.

Product detail

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The Niceboy PILOT XS is one of the most affordable vehicle dash cams with a magnetic camera mount on the market. 30fps video recording in real Full HD definition. The dash cam’s universality and simplistic controls are provided by functions such as the G-Sensor, loop recording, WDR and much, much more.

Product detail

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Our PILOT Q8 car video camera will delight even the most demanding users. Quality and detailed shots in high super FullHD resolution, GPS module, ADAS assistance services, stunning quality of images at night, speed camera detection and many other modern technologies; all these features define the Niceboy PILOT Q8 car video camera as a great assistant for monitoring your route.

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Our Niceboy PILOT Q3 car video camera is a perfect companion for every trip. It records in real FullHD at 30fps and is equipped with a whole range of features such as parking mode, motion detection, loop recording, as well as advanced ADAS assistance systems, which are normally limited to more expensive models.

Product detail

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The Niceboy PILOT Q1 is an affordable dashcam with zero compromises. It films in interpolated Full HD with 140° of coverage. The camera also utilises WDR technology, allowing you to make out the smallest of details, even in well-lit or heavily shadowed areas.

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