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ORYX X310 Ghost Console

With the Niceboy ORYX X310 Ghost Console gaming headphones, you’ll experience absolute freedom. Gamers are sure to appreciate their unlimited use across all gaming platforms, thanks to the cord connector being a 3.5 mm jack. The flexible microphone with directional audio pickup can be precisely set to meet your needs. Plus, the finely-tuned audio, heavy-duty construction, and comfortable headphone pads make the ORYX X310 Ghost Console the ideal universal headphones for gaming sessions of any kind.

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Key properties

  • Crossplay gaming headphones
  • Universal use with 3.5mm jack - PC/consoles/mobile telephones
  • 50 mm converter
  • Flexible microphone
  • Controls on the cord (volume, microphone, tracks, backlight)
  • Flexible and closed ear cushions providing comfort and perfect audio isolation
  • Adjustable headband with heavy-duty Duralumin construction
  • Soft and comfortable headphone pads and PU leather
  • Braided cord measuring 2.2 metres in length

Gaming headphones for every device

The Niceboy ORYX X310 Ghost Console headphones were created for use across all gaming platforms. Whether you’re looking for headphones for a gaming console, computer, or mobile phone, the ORYX X310 Ghost Console is the right choice. The headphones are connectible via two 3.5 mm connectors. The package also includes a reducer for one four-pole 3.5 mm jack connector.

Mighty, realistic audio

With the ORYX X310 Ghost Console headphones, you’ll feel like you’re part of the game. The audio’s power and quality come from the advanced components located towards the front of the headphones with an extra-large 50 mm converter.

Comfort as a priority

Long nights under fire require comfort. For this reason, the headband is not only heavy-duty but also light. The headphones don’t weigh very much and have soft, comfortable headphone pads. These pads have a closed shape and the amount of pressure they provide has been so finely-tuned that they won’t push on your ears, while still eliminating any outside sounds.

Quick controls right on the headphone cord

When you’re gaming, there’s no time to look down at your keyboard to adjust the sound, which is why you’ll love having the controls right on the headphone cord. With this feature, you’ll have immediate control over the volume, the microphone mute button, the headphone backlighting, or you can even skip to the next track. Gone are the days of endlessly searching for audio controls on your computer!

Robust construction

The headband boasts a reinforced, heavy-duty Duralumin assembly, meaning it can withstand rough treatment. The same goes for its premium 2.2 m braided cord. And, of course, the headphones have been fitted with LED backlighting.

Package contents

  • Niceboy ORYX X310 Ghost Console headphones
  • Reducer for one four-pole 3.5 mm jack connector
  • User manual


Platform: PC, gaming consoles, mobile telephones
Connection: 2x 3.5 mm jack
Microphone: yes (adjustable)
Volume control: yes (on headphone cord)
Cord design: one-sided (leads into one headphone)
Electrical impedance: 32±15% Ω
Sensitivity:116 ± 3dB
Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Operational current: ≤30 mA
Converter size: 50 mm
Microphone sensitivity: -38db ± 3db
Supported systems: Windows XP/Vista/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10
Cord length: 2.2 m
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VOICE Intercom

The Niceboy VOICE Intercom is a headset with a microphone, meant to be used in offices as well as for entertainment at home. You can rely on the amazing audio quality and the truly peaceful while working. The closed headphone pads effectively eliminate ambient noise, thanks to their isolation foam and directional microphone (for making calls). The headphones are both easy to connect and control, and that’s owing to the USB cord with its own control unit.

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The Niceboy HIVE 3 Aura ANC headphones with their Active Noise Cancelling technology dampen outside noise, meaning you can enjoy your music to the fullest. The battery lasts up to 50 hours off one charge, and if you’re in a rush, all it takes is 4 minutes of charging the headphones for an hours’ worth of playback time. They are also perfect for travelling – the headphones are easily stored in their special travel case, are comfortable to wear, and come equipped with an airplane adapter.

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HIVE 3 Prodigy

The Niceboy HIVE 3 Prodigy headphones are light and comfortable, and provide crystal-clear sound thanks to their MaxxBass technology. They last up to 32 hours off of one charge. Playback media via Bluetooth or the audio cable, accept calls and gain access to your device’s voice assistant. All these features, captured in an elegant design, can be yours with the Niceboy HIVE 3 Prodigy.

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ORYX X210 Donuts

Enjoy playing both solo and co-op games with the ORYX X210 Donuts; they provide crystal-clear audio, both in terms of bass and highs. They perfectly isolate any outside noises, and thanks to their ergonomic design they sit perfectly on your head. They also come with stylized lighting and a 3.5 mm jack, which you can use to connect to your computer, gaming console or mobile phone. You’ll also be happy to know the headphones come with a flexible microphone.

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HIVE 2 joy

Long battery life, ultralight design, great sound, maximum comfort and an audio cable connection? That's right. All that and more can be yours with the HIVE 2 joy.

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ORYX X410 Epic

Immerse yourself in the virtually spacious 7.1 audio provided by the ORYX X410 Epic headphones! They come equipped with a removable microphone, LED lighting and practical volume, microphone and track playback controls and cord backlighting. Thanks to the soft headphone pads, well-designed pressure points and light, adjustable headband made of Duralumin, your gaming session won’t only be thrilling, but also comfortable.

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The highest model from the Niceboy ORYX X600 headphone line adds to your gaming or movie watching experience thanks to its supremely excellent spacious 7.1 sound. The headphones’ massive and crystal-clear sound is made by the 50 mm big converters. The Niceboy ORYX X600 headphones simply pull you into the game.

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The Niceboy ORYX X400 gaming headphones with their spacious 7.1 sound will pull you into the game. You will have amazing spatial awareness and you will be able to clearly pick-up on both the direction and distance of whatever’s making noise. The 50 mm big converter adds both dynamics and strength to the acoustics, giving you the feeling that you are right in the middle of the action.

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Sound this perfect coming from the headphones for such a low price is going to take your breath away. The acoustics of the Niceboy ORYX X200 headphones comes from its quality components and especially its 40 mm big converter. The ergonomic shape of the closed headphone pads will perfectly isolate you from the hustle and bustle of the world around you meaning you will be able to completely focus on your game.

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Niceboy HIVE WE1 cord earphones for everyday listening with high-quality sound have a built-in microphone and control unit. You can tailor the earphones with the variously sized pads which are included.

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