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ORYX M300 Duke

The optical gaming mouse ORYX M300 Duke combines precision, speed, and comfort. You can rely on its maximum value DPI-6400, ORYX software, seven adjustable buttons, durable Huano switches, and high-quality processing. Simply put, with the Niceboy ORYX M300 Duke, you can enjoy every gaming genre.

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Key properties

  • Highly precise DPI-6400 optical sensor
  • 5 adjustable DPI sensitivity levels
  • 7 adjustable buttons
  • Durable Huano switches
  • Backlighting with 16.8 million colours and dynamic effects
  • Its own software (in Czech) for setting macros, DPI, etc.
  • High-quality Teflon sliders
  • Flexible, 1.8 m cable
  • Ergonomic design and light weight

Adjustable max DPI of 6400

Precision and guaranteed control - keep your movements under control with the ORYX M300 Duke. The mouse offers 5 adjustable DPI gaming modes, reaching resolutions as high as 6400, with the option to switch between games. Thus, you always have the exact cursor speed you need, whether you’re aiming for pixel exactness or need lightning-fast response times.

Seven adjustable buttons and durability with Huano switches

The M300 Duke gaming mouse comes equipped with high-quality Huano switches that guarantee a lifespan of 20 million clicks. All seven buttons can withstand the machine-gun fire speed of your fingers while reliably registering every time you click.

Adjustable backlighting, buttons, and DPI with ORYX software

With ORYX software, you receive access to a wide spectrum of settings. You have at your disposal an unbelievable 16.8 million colours and numerous effects for adjusting the lights any way you want. Using the program, you can also configure any of the seven buttons or set the DPI levels as needed.

A heavy-duty mouse you can rely on

The M300 Duke mouse is made of highly durable materials and is overall designed to take a beating. In part, this is possible thanks to the Teflon sliders that ensure better mouse movement across the mouse pad. The braided, 1.8 m cable also adds an extra level of durability.

Flawless ergonomics and light weight

You’ll be convinced of the mouse’s ergonomic perfection as soon as you take hold of it. Its functional design is also seen in its lightweight construction needed for long gaming sessions. You won’t even want to set the Niceboy ORYX M300 Duke down.

Package contents

  • Niceboy ORYX M300 Duke gaming mouse
  • Instructions for Use

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ORYX M666 Daemon

The Niceboy ORYX M666 Daemon well deserves its name. It demonically impresses with its ultra-light design, high-quality Pixart 3330 sensor, 6 buttons with high-quality Omron switches, its own software in Czech with many setting options, and its own integrated flash memory that you can save your settings to.

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ORYX M220 Zen

This elegant gaming mouse is made to perfectly complement every gamer. A great gaming experience is guaranteed by high-quality hardware, 6 buttons, and DPI-4200 with colour coding and mode selection. The Niceboy ORYX M220 Zen will take you into the game.

Product detail

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You will find a brilliant sensor with maximum precision and DPI up to the value of 10000 in the Niceboy ORYX M600 gaming mouse. This gaming mouse offers 8 pre-set modes and also the option to precisely adjust the mouse with the help of its own program. You can easily switch between the modes with a simple push of the button meaning that no changing situation will be able to throw you off. Whether you need exactness or speed, with the Niceboy ORYX M600 in hand, you will have the precise value that you will need in any given moment.

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You will find a great sensor with maximum precision and DPI up to the value of 6400 in the Niceboy ORYX M400 gaming mouse. The mouse offers 5 pre-set modes that you can, among other things, completely adjust according to your needs, all thanks to the Niceboy ORYX M400 program. You can easily and quickly switch through the individual modes using the buttons. Also, with this gaming mouse you will be able to react lightning-quick to changing situations in you game.

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The Niceboy ORYX M200 mouse is equipped with an amazing sensor and DPI whose value goes as high as 6400. Other than the five pre-set DPI modes, the mouse also offers the option of adjustments via the Niceboy ORYX M200 software. You can easily and quickly switch through the individual modes using the buttons. With this gaming mouse, you will be able to react on any changing situation in your game, truly in the blink of an eye.

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