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ORYX K444 Mechanicus

Thanks to its mechanical switches, the heavy-duty gaming keyboard Niceboy ORYX K444 Mechanicus and its resilient structure is incredibly responsive. The WinLock and Anti-Ghosting features with full key coverage ensure fluid gameplay. Especially the Anti-Ghosting, which guarantees no key you press will ever get skipped, no matter how fast you’re playing. Then, the twelve multimedia keys add comfort and fluidity to the everyday use of your computer.

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Key properties

  • High-quality, wired mechanical keyboard
  • Mechanical Mojo RX switches with long lifespan and high accuracy
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting (N-Key Rollover)
  • Stylish RGB backlighting
  • 12 multimedia keys
  • Windows Lock
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • USB connection
  • Easy use - Plug & Play, no need to download controllers
  • Braided cord measuring 1.5 metres in length

Reliable responsiveness with mechanical switches

Gaming fans know that for making quick reactions you need a reliable keyboard with lag-free response. All that and more comes as a guarantee with mechanical Mojo RX switches. Apart from their lightning response times, they also provide a lengthy lifespan - 50 million key presses guaranteed. You will find 104 keys on the ORYX K444 keyboard, including a long left shift key and the highly favoured double-line enter key. With these advantages on your side, you can enjoy a precise and comfortable gaming experience.

Anti-Ghosting with full key coverage

When certain moments get heated, you often find yourself needing to press several keys at the same time. And yet, not every keyboard is capable of keeping up with you. Thanks to Anti-Ghosting, featuring full key coverage, the ORYX K444 Mechanicus will have no issue reacting to your every move; the keyboard records every key pressed, meaning you can focus 100% on the game.

Let the light show begin

Do you play your best in the dark? Do you want to experience the maximum amount of adrenaline from your game as possible? No matter your preferences, you can set up the keyboard’s RGB backlighting, 9 dynamic effects, brightness levels, and speed any way you like.

Lighting fast controls and absolutely zero interruptions

Is there anything capable of interrupting a game session more than when the Windows menu randomly appears? Luckily, this can never happen with the ORYX K444 Mechanicus gaming keyboard and its WinLock key. Another plus to this keyboard is its multimedia keys, thanks to which you can handle your volume or music controls in the blink of an eye.

Heavy-duty, metal design

The ORYX K444 Mechanicus has got your back no matter what. It can withstand any treatment thrown its way thanks to its aluminium covering. The same can be said of the keyboard’s cable, which is more mechanically resilient thanks to its braiding. The cable is 1.5 metres long and capped with a USB connector.

Package contents

  • Niceboy ORYX K444 Mechanicus gaming keyboard
  • Multilingual Instructions for Use


Switches: mechanical Mojo RX
Lifespan of switches: 50 million key presses
OS requirements: Windows 10
Multimedia keys: Yes, with FN key support
Anti-ghosting: all keys (NKRO)
Number of keys: 104
Enter: 2-line
Left shift: long
Layout: CZ
Cable length: 1.5 m.
Connection: USB
Dimensions: 444 x 155 x 38.5mm
Weight: 889g ± 20g
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