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The ORYX K100 membrane keyboard has 12 multimedia keys at its disposal, meaning you will have quick access to the apps you need at any given moment. With the WinLock function you won’t be interrupted by accidentally switching over to the main menu, and, together with the RGB backlighting, this keyboard will provide you with an even greater gaming experience. Of course, you won’t have any problem using this keyboard for work – it comes with the Czech key layout, and, thanks to its low profile, it won’t disturb the people around you.

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Key properties

  • High-quality wired membrane keyboard
  • 12 multimedia keys
  • Keyboard localized for Czech language
  • Low profile keys
  • Windows Lock
  • RGB LED backlighting (3 modes)
  • 108 keys
  • USB connection
  • Simply installation with Plug & Play, no need to download controllers
  • 1.5-metre cable

Reliable membrane keyboard

The ORYX K100 gaming keyboard with its 108 keys boasts quality membrane switches with quick response and a guarantee of 3 million keys pressed with no mistakes. Apart from its lengthy lifespan, this keyboard has another advantage – thanks to the USB connector you can connect anything to your PC or laptop in a flash, no need to install any controllers.

WinLock and multimedia keys

With the ORYX K100 keyboard you don’t have to be afraid of your shooter being interrupted by you having tragically pressed the Windows key by accident. That’s because the keyboard comes equipped with the Windows Lock function, which guarantees the Windows key stays locked during gaming sessions, thus protecting you from pulling up any unwanted Windows offers. But wait, that’s not all – it also has 12 multimedia keys, which allow you immediate access to various functions and applications – with these keys you can control your music, email, browser and other apps.

Stylish RGB backlighting

An obvious addition to the ORYX K100 is its stylish RGB backlighting, which can be used in three different colour modes. The backlighting controls, as well as their brightness and dynamic effect settings, are easily adjustable directly on the keyboard.

Game by night, work by day

For those who prefer low profile keys, the ORYX K100 is the right gaming keyboard for them. Even though the keys operate smoothly, you can be sure that every one you press will be properly recorded. Writing in Czech will be easier than ever thanks to the Czech key layout. The anti-slip, rubber keyboard stands ensure security and stability; you can even adjust their angle to fit what’s most comfortable for you.

Package contents

  • Niceboy ORYX K100 gaming keyboard
  • Instructions for Use


Backlighting: Yes
Colour: black
Backlighting colour: RGB (3 modes)
Enter: 2-line
Left shift: long
Number of keys: 108
Switches: membrane
Lifespan: 3 million key presses
Layout: Czech
OS requirements: Windows
Connection: USB 2.0
Multimedia keys: yes (with FN key support)
Cable: 1.5 m
Dimensions: 439 x 203 x 26 mm
Weight: 500±50 g
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Niceboy ®
ORYX K444 Mechanicus

Thanks to its mechanical switches, the heavy-duty gaming keyboard Niceboy ORYX K444 Mechanicus and its resilient structure is incredibly responsive. The WinLock and Anti-Ghosting features with full key coverage ensure fluid gameplay. Especially the Anti-Ghosting, which guarantees no key you press will ever get skipped, no matter how fast you’re playing. Then, the twelve multimedia keys add comfort and fluidity to the everyday use of your computer.

Product detail

Niceboy ®

The gaming keyboard Niceboy ORYX K600 not only astonishes with its modern design, but mainly with its resilient, metal surface which can outlast even the most demanding gaming sessions. The quality, red mechanical switch OUTEMU then ensures exact precision and a life-span that lasts through 50 million key presses without loosing its sensitivity.

Product detail

Niceboy ®

The gaming keyboard Niceboy ORYX K200 not only astonishes with its modern design, but mainly with its metal upper plate. The metal construction, covered in elegant black paint, gives the keyboard its needed resiliency leaving gaming marathons and LAN parties to be of no challenge to the Niceboy ORYX K200.

Product detail