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Comfort, good quality sound, and no wire-attributable restrains, all this is featured by the Niceboy HIVE wireless (Bluetooth) earphones. With these earphones you’ll be able to listen to you music wherever you are.

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Key characteristics

  • Easy-to-pair Bluetooth (wireless) headphones
  • Connection via audio cable also possible
  • Great sound with MaxxBass
  • Good processing quality
  • Easily collapsible
  • Up to 13 hours of music
  • Controls directly on the headphones
  • Hands-free telephone calls

Great sound, incredible endurance

Comfort, good quality sound, and no restraints from wires, all this is featured in the Niceboy HIVE wireless (Bluetooth) headphones. These headphones let you listen to your music wherever you are.

Good-quality sound

The Niceboy HIVE wireless headphones will enthral you with their marvellous sound from the state-of-the-art technology hidden inside. In particular, we’ve fitted the headphones with a high-quality CSR chip. Reliable communication is provided by advanced Bluetooth 4.1 which connects the headphones to your Bluetooth device up to a distance of 10 meters.

Long battery life

With the Niceboy HIVE Bluetooth headphones you can look forward to not less than 13 hours of undisturbed listening. The battery endurance is moreover supported by the most recent Bluetooth 4.1, which is more battery-friendly than the older version. So you don’t have to rely only on the battery and Bluetooth, the Niceboy HIVE headphones are also fitted with a cable input, which is included in the package.

For your pleasure from music

With Niceboy HIVE, listening to music is a genuine balm for your ears. The headphones fit any ears whatsoever; you can customize the length as required using the headband. The comfortable earpieces will perfectly fit your ears, providing perfect insulation, being made from materials with a very comfy feel. With the Niceboy HIVE we have also focused on the most simple operation possible, and with three buttons on the earpiece you can easily operate the music playback or volume control.

Easily collapsible

The Niceboy HIVE headphones have been created to be your indispensable all-day companion. Not only because of their incredible comfort, but also because they’re easily storable. When you don’t need your headphones any more, simply fold them up, storing them for next time. The Niceboy HIVE headphones are also always ready to provide you with an audio background for any activity.

Package contents

  • The Niceboy HIVE Bluetooth (wireless) earphones
  • Multilingual Operating Instructions
  • MicroUSB charging cable
  • AUX audio cable (3.5 mm)


Model: Niceboy HIVE
Supported Bluetooth profiles: A2DP v.1.2, AVRCP v. 1.4., HFP v. 1.6, DI v. 1.3
Frequency: 2.4 Ghz – 2.4835 Ghz
Transmission distance: up to 10 meters
Battery: 300 mAh lithium battery
Battery life: up to 13 hours
Charging time: 2 - 3 hours
Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 100 db
Bluetooth version: 4.1
Impedance: 32 Ω
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Niceboy ®

The Niceboy HIVE 3 Aura ANC headphones with their Active Noise Cancelling technology dampen outside noise, meaning you can enjoy your music to the fullest. The battery lasts up to 50 hours off one charge, and if you’re in a rush, all it takes is 4 minutes of charging the headphones for an hours’ worth of playback time. They are also perfect for travelling – the headphones are easily stored in their special travel case, are comfortable to wear, and come equipped with an airplane adapter.

Product detail

Niceboy ®
HIVE 3 Prodigy

The Niceboy HIVE 3 Prodigy headphones are light and comfortable, and provide crystal-clear sound thanks to their MaxxBass technology. They last up to 32 hours off of one charge. Playback media via Bluetooth or the audio cable, accept calls and gain access to your device’s voice assistant. All these features, captured in an elegant design, can be yours with the Niceboy HIVE 3 Prodigy.

Product detail

Niceboy ®
HIVE sport 2

The Niceboy HIVE sport 2 are sportswear headphones, protected against bad weather thanks to their IPX5 degree of coverage. And, together with the headphones’ quality sound and battery lasting up to 16 hours, the Niceboy HIVE sport 2 will become your essential training partner. 

Product detail

Niceboy ®
HIVE 2 joy

Long battery life, ultralight design, great sound, maximum comfort and an audio cable connection? That's right. All that and more can be yours with the HIVE 2 joy.

Product detail

Niceboy ®

The most universal headphones have been expected their younger sibling, the Niceboy HIVE E2, who is better in all the right ways. Design, battery life, ear buds that fit all ear types, water resiliency and much more - all of which is offered by the Niceboy HIVE E3.

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Niceboy ®
HIVE bones

Special technology ‘Bone conduction’ which allows you to hear through your cheekbone, an elegant, sporty design, long lasting and high resiliency; these are the wireless headphones, Niceboy HIVE bones.

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Niceboy ®

The stylish Bluetooth earphones Niceboy HIVE E2 stand out by their marvelous sound, comfortable wearing, and smart design. To enable everybody to make his/her own choice Niceboy HIVE E2 comes in four color versions.

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Niceboy ®
HIVE pods 2

Premium Truewireless headphones with MaxxBass technology, touch control and perfect sound last up to 35 hours on a single charge.

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Niceboy ®
HIVE podsie

The newest wireless headphones that have perfectly clear audio, can withstand extreme conditions and can last up to 15 hours? You got it, that's the Niceboy Hive Podsie. It looks like wires are already definitively a thing of the past and a new generation and style of listening to music is on its way.

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Niceboy ®
HIVE sport

Doing sport while listening to your favourite music gives it a whole new dimension, and this is why you’ll welcome these Niceboy HIVE sport Bluetooth earphones, specially designed to satisfy the higher demands of your sporting activities.

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