About us


About us

Products from the Niceboy® brand were first introduced to the European market in 2016. Since then our brand has successfully established itself on both foreign and local markets. Currently, Niceboy® products are being sold in eight European countries, and the brand stands as the market leader for sales within selected categories.

Niceboy® hasn’t gained its reputation only thanks to its modern product design, but primarily thanks to its quality processing capabilities and affordable prices.

The Niceboy® product portfolio boasts a wide selection within the field of consumer electronics. We offer action cameras, dash cams, popular headphone options, portable speakers, fitness bands as well as other accessories. The Niceboy® brand’s latest move was entering the market with a comprehensive line of gaming equipment which immediately became best-sellers.

Proof of the brand’s confident footing may be found in Niceboy® becoming a proud partner of the Czech Republic National Football Team from 2020-2021.