NICEBOY™ (Suction Cup) - GP017

A holder with two adjustable heads (allowing the camcorder to be positioned not only vertically, but horizontally) and quick coupling, meaning the camcorder can quickly be inserted and removed from the holder, also guaranteeing very stable fastening, the same as with the holder stuck to the camcorder.

A very high-quality, multifunctional holder/monopod with a suction piece, which allows stable fastening of the camcorder to surfaces such as glass.


  1. The holder has been designed for Niceboy camcorders (and is also compatible with most other brands of sports camcorders).

  2. Two adjustable heads give you full control of the camcorder positioning within a range of 180 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically.

  3. The quick-coupler allows the camera to be quickly mounted and dismounted, as well as stably attached as in the stuck-on holders.

NICEBOY® accessories are fully compatible with all Niceboy® VEGA camcorders, and are also compatible with the majority of other brands of sports camcorders.

10 £