NICEBOY™ Medium-sized Case - GP102

Medium-sized case NICEBOY™.

A smart organizer for your camcorder and accessories.

Filled with cut-out foam to hold your camcorder and its accessories. The foam stops your accessories from moving inside the case so you needn't worry about scratching. The case is also designed to allow quick handling of the camcorder if necessary. Everything is in place in this smart organizer, which itself is removable. You can also buy a larger version of the case with more compartments.

A quality package for your trips:

Its dimensions and weight make the case good for traveling, and it’s made from robust, lightweight material. Combined with black, the simple design is very stylish. The case can be closed with a zip-fastener, and also contains a small netted pocket for other accessories. The tie, which forms part of the case can be used for hanging it up. The quality of the material of the case means it’s low maintenance and easy to clean.


  • Dimensions: 22.5 x 17.5 x 6.7 cm
  • Colour: black

The case can hold the following:

  • 1x camcorder (in watertight package)
  • 1x LCD BacPac
  • 2x batteries
  • 1x LCD/WiFi/Battery packs
  • WiFi remote control
  • Cables
  • Accessories
  • and more
21 £