NICEBOY™ 52.5-cm telescopic holder - GP055

What is the monopod suitable for?

This telescopic holder, or monopod, is an ideal assistant when you want unconventional and fresh shots, as it will allow you to shoot from above, below, from unconventional angles or take pictures of yourself. The resulting material gives a very professional and attractive impression. This telescopic holder tends to be used most frequently for shooting from a snowboard, longboard, skis or also perhaps from events in a crowd. Let your fantasy run wild.

Ideal on the road as well as for daily use

You’ll fall in love with this telescopic extended arm, as it adds a new dimension to your shooting. Handling it is, moreover, so easy that anybody can master it. Its compact properties make the holder suitable for any use. Besides being very storable due to the adjustable length of the rod, the holder is also very light. The handle is covered with a comfortable material. The wrist tie means you needn't be afraid of dropping your monopod.


  • Dimensions: 21-52.5cm
  • Handle length: 14cm
  • Weight: 130g
  • Maximum bearing capacity: 0.8kg

NICEBOY® accessories are fully compatible with all Niceboy® VEGA camcorders, and are also compatible with the majority of other brands of sports camcorders.

16 £